Sunday, November 07, 2010

Week 9: Update

As I write this Green Bay is pouring a giant cauldron of bubbling poo down the collective throat of the Dallas Cowboys.  Due to surgery its not physically possible for Jerry Jones to frown, but you can tell he's unhappy because his smile isn't as large as usual.  Also there are fewer cockroaches crawling out of his eyes.  This is wonderful. 

There will be blood tonight in Dallas.  Wade Phillips chicken-like coaching is likely to be on the block, but even if Jones chops Phillips' head off, his body will keep coaching for a few more weeks, and probably as effectively.

As for the pool(poop!), its come down to just two of us. Just the two of us... Joey and Josh! That's right, Joey Bansen and Josh Money, two of the oldest of old friends, battling it out for the Weekly Standard Prize. Both Joey and Josh have 10 wins so far and since everybody and everybody's mom picked the Steelers to beat Cincy on Monday night (and rightly so), nobody can catch either of them.

As for the Monday night game, the result doesn't matter a tick. The points are all that counts. Josh picked 36 total points while Joey went with 48. Since we play Price Is Right rules here at MFSAFP(p!)!, the one who wins is the closest to the actual points without going over. As the high man on the totem pole, Joey will be over if the point total is 47 or less, and thus Josh would win. If the points total 48 or more, Joey would be the big wiener.

That's it from beautiful rainy Portland. Back tomorrow with the final results from Week 9 and your Week 10 schedule.

Ta ta!

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