Monday, January 01, 2007


The official MFSAFP(p!)! finish line: a roll of TP

As a famous pig used to say, "Thats all, folks." Seventeen weeks of moist pro football fun, all in the rear view mirror. (I'm pretty sure the pig never said that.) With that in mind, I'd just like to thank you all for putting up with me these last seventeen weeks. Its been more work than I thought it would be, but its also been more fun. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and that this silly little pool has brought a small spike in fun to your last seventeen Sundays.

Time to get down to the meaty part of this here post. Week 17 was pretty much a microcosm of the entire pool (i.e. I didn't win). The favorites went 10-6 and anyone who strayed too far from them paid the price. Here are the standings for Week 17:
1. Andy Harris, 11-5
2. Jon Stover, 10-6
2. Joshu, Shih, 10-6
2. Sandy Kory, 10-6
2. Joey Bansen, 10-6
2. Scott Rozsa, 10-6
2. Karl Vaillancourt, 10-6
2. Zack Klein, 10-6
2. Bill Denton, 10-6
10. George Smith, 8-8
10. Dave Labowitz, 8-8
10. Matthew Mariam, 8-8
10. Matthew Kory, 8-8
So a final congrats to Andy, the last weekly winner! You win the last Weekly Standard Prize! Expect a check for $52 to arrive in 6-8 weeks.

Now to the big prizes. Remember, the first place winner pulls down $286, and the second place winner wins $130. Heres how the final standings for the whole season:
1. Joshu Shih, 158-98
2. Joey Bansen, 155-101
3. Andy Harris, 154-102
4. Jon Stover, 153-103
5. Matthew Kory, 152-104
6. Karl Vaillancourt, 151-105
6. Scott Rozsa, 151-105
6. Sandy Kory, 151-105
9. Zack Klein, 150-106
10. Matthew Mariam, 147-109
11. George Smith, 145-111
12. Bill Denton, 140-116
13. Dave Labowitz, 139-117
Congrats to Joshu and Joey for taking our money. How much of our money did they take? Well heres the winnings list:
Final Winnings

1. Joshu Shih, $390
2. Joey Bansen, $234
3. Zack Klein, $208
4. Karl Vaillancourt, $104
4. Andy Harris, $104
4. Matthew Mariam, $104
7. Sandy Kory, $52
7. George Smith, $52
7. Matthew Kory, $52
So, before I go, I want to invite you all to email me regarding the pool. Let me know what you think was good and/or what you think could have been done better (and how if you think you know). I'm always open to suggestions for next season.

And with that, I'm outta here. Again, thanks everyone for a fun football season. Hopefully we can do it again next season as well.