Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eagles/Vikings Note & Some Pool(poop) History

First, a note on the Tuesday Eagles/Vikings game.

I previously mentioned everyone picked the Eagles over Minnesota, so the fact that the Eagles totally shat the bed makes no difference as far as the Week 16 winner or the overall standings in the pool(poop!).  However, I had initially marked the game down as an Eagles win and had given everyone a win for that game.  I went back and changed it to reflect the fact that we all got the game wrong, which is why the more discerning of you will see a change in your overall record.  I assure you, it happened to everyone so your place in the overall standings is secure, as is your place in relation to those around you.  Still, if you have any questions or concerns, as always, please shoot me an email.

Other than that, carry on.

 * * *

If you are like 80% of the pool(poop!) this season you've received a check from Matthew Mariam.  He's the Treasurer-in-Chief and was kind enough to compile some current and historic stats from this and previous pool(poop!)s.  All the stats below are his doing unless noted.

12 different people have won money this year.  That could become 13 if either Zack Klein, Gedeon Mariam, or I happen to win Week 17.  A quick perusal of the previous few weeks shows that we've been close.  Zack and I finished a game out in Week 13, I tied for first but lost in MNP last week, and Gedeon and I were among a group tied for first in Week 12, but again lost on points.

But even if Zack, Gedeon and I don't pull out a Week 17 win, 12 people is the most winners ever in pool(poop!) history.  In 2006 there were 7 money winners, 2009 had 9 (though only 8 WSP winners as Dave Labowitz won overall without winning one WSP), and in 2007 it almost reached this level but not quite with 11 money winners.

Here is how much money we've all won ranked in order of who's won the most

1. Sandy Kory ... $175
2. George Smith ... $140
2. Jon Stover ... $140
4. Josh Money ... $105
5. Bill Denton ... $70
5. Karl Vaillancourt. .. $70
5. John Weaver ... $70
5. Alex Mena ... $70
5. Joey Bansen ... $70
10. Dave Labowitz ... $35
10. Robin Wood ... $35
12. Matthew Kory ... $0
12. Zack Klein ... $0
12. Gedeon Mariam ... $0
 And here are those same payouts for the season ranked in order of current standings:

1. Sandy Kory ... $175
2. Bill Denton ... $70
2. Dave Labowitz ... $35
4. George Smith ... $140
4. Robin Wood ... $35
4. Josh Money ... $105
7. Karl Vaillancourt ... $70
7. John Weaver ... $70
7. Matthew Mariam ... $140
7. Matthew Kory ... $0
7. Jon Stover ... $140
12. Zack Klein ... $0
12. Alex Mena ... $70
14. Joey Bansen ... $70
15. Gedeon Mariam ... $0

I am honored to be the highest ranking person who has won nothing. 

Now some pool history.  Here are the records of the first place winners in the previous pool(poop)s:

2006: Joshu Shih: 158-98
2007: Dave Labowitz: 171-85
2009: Dave Labowitz: 179-77
2010(to date): Sandy Kory: 151-89

There are 16 games this coming week so if Sandy wins 13 of them (a good week) he can beat Dave's record in '07 for the second highest win total.  He's already mathematically eliminated from beating Dave's '09 record though.  Better luck next year.

However, if Sandy or whomever has a tough week, it is possible (though unlikely) the winner won't surpass Joshu's 158 win mark in '06.  That shouldn't happen though. 

As far as winners go, here were the money winners from past Pool(poop!)s:

2009: 1st: Dave Labowitz; 2nd: Jon Stover; 3rd: Gedeon Mariam
2007: 1st: Dave Labowitz; 2nd: Scott Rozsa; 3rd: Bill Denton
2006: 1st: Joshu Shih; 2nd: Joey Bansen; 3rd: Andy Harris

Dave is the only repeat winner on the list as well as the only one to even finish in the money twice. 

We looked at the winners, well, here are the big losers from previous pool(poop!)s.  You may be shocked to see some of the same names as above:

2006: Dave Labowitz: 139-117
2007: Matt Mariam: 154-102
2009: Sandy Kory: 146-110
2010 (current): Gedeon Mariam: 139-111

While Dave has the honor of winning the Pool(poop!) twice and of having its best record, he also has the dishonor of having the worst record ever assembled over a year in any Pool(poop!).  This is assuming that Gedeon will A) remember to turn in his picks this week, and B) actually get at least one game right. 

It should also be noted that this year has been (so far) the closest year of any Pool(poop!). There is currently a 12 game difference between first and last place in the Current Overall Standings (COS). The biggest differential ever between first and last was in 2009 when Dave beat Sandy by 31 total games. Good God. Here are the seasons ranked by biggest difference between first and last:

2009: 31 game difference (Dave Labowitz: 179-77, last Sandy Kory: 146-110)
2006: 19 game difference (Joshu Shih: 158-98, last Dave Labowitz: 139-117)
2007: 17 game difference (Dave Labowitz: 171-85, last Matt Mariam: 154-102)
2010(to date): 12 game difference (Sandy Kory: 151-88, last Gedeon Mariam: 139-110)

Maybe some more garbage like this to come if I feel like it and/or you send me some ideas.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Week 17: Schedule

Remember, there is NO Thursday game, Saturday game, or Monday game.  Week 17 = Olde School.  All games on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011.  I'll need your picks, all your picks, by 1pm EST on Sunday. 

Here is your schedule for Week 17:

Miami at New England
Buffalo at New York Jerks
Oakland at Kansas City
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Minnesota at Detroit
Tampa Bay at New Orleans
Carolina at Atlanta
Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Jacksonville at Houston
New York "Chain Smoking" Giants at Washington
Arizona at San Francisco
San Diego at Denver
Chicago at Green Bay
Dallas at Philadelphia
Tennessee at Indianapolis
St. Louis at Seattle (plus total points)

Happy Holidays to you all.

Week 16: Results & Refresher

As you may or may not be aware, this week's Weekly Standard Prize came down to two men. Or one man and one overgrown idiot-boy who runs this pool(poop!). Anyway, I picked New Orleans and Bill picked Atlanta. If Atlanta won then Bill won the WSP straight up. If New Orleans won (they did) then we'd tie in games won at 12 and it would go down to Monday Night Points! Again!

Bill picked 47 and I chose 51 meaning if the total points scored was 50 or less, Bill won, which is exactly what happened. I am drowning my sorrows in Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. I recommend it for sorrow drowning.

Anyway, congratulations to Bill Denton, the winner of Week 16, and as such, this week's Big Wiener! Bill wins a copy of Jaimie Farr's autobiography, entitled "Please, I Beg Of You, Buy This Book! I Badly Need The Money!" My favorite is chapter seven, where Farr lists the names he was considering for his pet gerbil, who keeps getting out of his cage and pooping under the fridge. Name #47: King Gustav turned out to be the winner. Riveting stuff.

Here is your final standings for Week 16:

1. Bill Denton ... 12-4
1. Matthew Kory ... 12-4 (DAMMIT! I get nothing and don't like it.)
3. Alex Mena ... 11-5
3. George Smith ... 11-5
3. Sandy Kory ... 11-5
6. Jon Stover ... 10-6
6. Karl Vaillancourt ... 10-6
6. Robin Wood ... 10-6
6. Dave Labowitz ... 10-6
6. John Weaver ... 10-6
11. Matthew Mariam ... 9-7
12. Josh Money ... 8-8
12. Gedeon Mariam ... 8-8
14. Zack Klein ... 7-9
15. Joey Bansen ... 6-10

As far as the Current Overall Standings go, the big winners this week were Sandy and Bill.  Sandy picked up two games on the pool, extending his lead over second place from one to three games.  That's impressive.  A three game lead with one week to go, though?  That's called pressure.  Can't you feel it pulsing through your veins?  Don't pick Miami... Don't pick Miami....

Bill managed to hopscotch from a four way tie for fifth into a two way tie for second.  He pulled himself from well out of the money to well in it.  That's called improvement.  As for the other top finisher this week, despite tying for the week's best record, I only picked up one game on the field.  BOOOO!!!!

George Smith and Robin Wood both had good weeks and are hanging within striking distance of the money.  A good week by either could thrust them into the the top three.  And of course, Dave Labowitz, kept on keeping on.  Dave managed to remain in the money tied for second, three games back.  Its shaping up to be an exciting race. 

Here is your Current Overall Standings (COS):

1. Sandy Kory ... 152-88
2. Bill Denton ... 149-91
2. Dave Labowitz ... 149-91
4. George Smith ... 148-92
4. Robin Wood ... 148-92
4. Josh Money ... 148-92
7. Karl Vaillancourt ... 146-94
7. John Weaver ... 146-94
7. Matthew Mariam ... 146-94
10. Matthew Kory ... 146-94
10. Jon Stover ... 146-94
12. Zack Klein ... 144-96
12. Alex Mena ... 144-96
14. Joey Bansen ... 141-99
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 140-100

A little refresher on the money situation is probably in order here.  In short, the top three finishers win money.  If you're curious exactly how the money will be broken down including possible tie breakers, I posted about it at the beginning of the season.  You can read up on it here.  If you have questions just shoot me an email.

The one thing that wasn't correct in that post was the total amount of money in the pool.  George Smith hadn't yet joined so his money isn't counted in the overall total in that post.  It will be below.

If my math is correct, and I believe it is (Matt Mariam, please check me to be sure), this is how all the the money was and will be distributed.

We had 15 people play at $125 a piece. That's a total pool of $1,875.  We gave out $70 per week as the WSP, so 17 weeks X $70 per week = $1,190. That leaves $685 for the top three finishers ($1,175 - $1,190 = $685).

Previously I had posted that the money would be broken down as 1st: $290; 2nd: $180; 3rd: $90; but that was before George entered the pool.  Thus, the money shall be broken down as follows:

First Finisher: $335
Second Finisher: $225
Third Finisher: $125

Again, Matt Mariam, check my math, but I believe $335 + $225 + $125 = $685. 

If the season ended today,  Sandy Kory would be your first finisher and would win the first place prize of $335.  Bill Denton and Dave Labowitz (NOOOOO!!!!) would be tied for second place, and as such we would add the second and third finisher totals ($225 + $125 = $350) and split it down the middle.  Each would win $175. 

BUT!  There's another week to go, folks.  Six people are within four games of first place and eleven people are within six games, so its really anyone's race. This thing isn't close to done yet.

Keep in mind, there IS NO THURSDAY OR SATURDAY GAME THIS WEEK.  All games are on Sunday, so please send in all your picks at once by the start of game time, 1pm EST this coming Sunday, January 2nd 2011.

Also, there is no Monday night game so we'll be using the Sunday night game as the designated points game.  It shall be so designated in the schedule post.  Back soon with the schedule for Week 17.

Best of luck to you all.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 16: Update

Caveat: Is there anyone on the planet or even in the pool(poop!) who thinks the Vikings will beat the Eagles on Tuesday night?  No...?  Didn't think so.  I'm gonna go ahead and count that one as an Eagles win, which actually doesn't matter as far as the Current Overall Standings (COS) goes anyway because everyone in the Pool(poop!) rightly picked Philadelphia. 

With that caveat, here's how Week 16 is progressing.  With the help of Tim Tebow, Bill Denton leads the field at 12-3.  Two people are behind BLLLEAAAAAAARG!!!  I HATE mushrooms on pizza!!  Nothing worse than thinking you disposed of all the nasty fungi and you take a big delicious bite and end up with a mouthful with the consistency of Styrofoam and the flavor dirt mixed with turd.  GOD I hate mushrooms.... 

[5 minute horking break]

At 12-3, Bill is a game up on two people.  One is Alex Mena, his partner in Cowboys-hating crime down in Dallas.  The other is my lame buttocks.  But, both Bill and Alex have Atlanta over New Orleans on Monday night, so Alex can't make up the necessary game on Bill.  So Alex is out.  On the other hand, I went with New Orleans, thus making it a two man race.  Or if you don't count me as a full man, a one point five man race. 

If Atlanta wins on Monday night, Bill wins the week.  But, if New Orleans wins, Bill and I will be tied with 12 wins.  Which means... (pause for building suspense)... it'll come down to... MONDAY NIGHT POINTS!!!  Bill picked 47 and I went with 51.  Remembering that we do Price Is Right rules here at MFSAFP(p!), that means if the final score total adds up to anything less than 51, Bill wins.  If its 51 or over, I'll be your Big Wiener this week.

Back tomorrow with the results for Week 16, the Current Overall Standings, and the schedule for the final week of the NFL season. 

Good luck to me! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 16: Schedule

Keep yr pants on, here's your schedule for Week 16.

Thursday Night

Carolina at Pittsburgh

Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Dallas at Arizona
New York Jerks at Chicago
New England at Buffalo
Detroit at Miami
Washington at Jacksonville
San Francisco at St. Louis
Baltimore at Cleveland
Tennessee at Kansas City
Houston at Denver
Indianapolis at Oakland
San Diego at Cincinnati
Seattle at Tampa Bay
New York "Grotesque Over-Development" Giants at Green Bay
Minnesota at Philadelphia
New Orleans at Atlanta (plus total points)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 15: Results

If you read last night's update you'd know that this week's winner of the WSP was decided before the Monday night game was ever played.  That is a rarity here at Matty's Fifth Semi-Annual Football Pool(poop!)!, yet it happened. The winners who were already announced were and are Sandy Kory and Josh Money who through what can only be some secret mind meld picked the same number of total points thereby ensuring they split the WSP down the middle. 

Congrats to both Josh and Sandy who have the unfortunate job of somehow splitting this week's WSP: Lady Gaga. 

Here are the final standings for Week 15:

1. Sandy Kory ... 12-4
1. Josh Money ... 12-4
3. Jon Stover ... 11-5
3. Robin Wood ... 11-5
3. Bill Denton ... 11-5
6. George Smith ... 10-6
6. Gedeon Mariam ... 10-6
6. Matthew Mariam ... 10-6
6. Joey Bansen ... 10-6
10. Dave Labowitz ... 8-8
10. Karl Vaillancourt ... 8-8
12. Matthew Kory ... 7-9
12. Alex Mena ... 7-9
12. John Weaver ... 7-9
15. Zack Klein ... 6-10

There has been what I'll gently call a fucking sea change in the standings since last week.  Sandy Kory has jumped past both Dave Labowitz and Zack Klein into first place by his lonesome.  Poor Zack forgot to send in his picks until it was too late and as such took the worst record minus one.  Still, he's really not that bad off at only four out.  His main problem is he has to jump over the surprising Robin Wood and Dave to get into the money. 

Robin, by the way, deserves her own paragraph.  She has been the best player here in the pool over the past five weeks.  In Week 9 Robin was tied for 13th place, two games out of last.  In Week 10, she fell to 14th place, a game out of last place.  I wrote her off at that point, but just five weeks later she's three games out of first and a game out of the money.  Incredible job, Robin.  

There are only two weeks left in the football season, and thus only two weeks left in MFSAFP(p!)!. We are getting down to the wire here, folks.  We'll save the tears for a few weeks from now, but this is your reminder to collect your shit and, as any good monkey would do, hurl it at the wall in attempt to push your way up the standings. 

Here are your Current Overall Standings (COS)

1. Sandy Kory ... 141-83 ... (n/a)
2. Josh Money ... 140-84 ... (-1)
3. Dave Labowitz ... 139-85 ... (-2)
4. Robin Wood ... 138-86 ... (-3)
5. Zack Klein ... 137-87 ... (-4)
5. George Smith ... 137-87 ... (-4)
5. Matthew Mariam .. 137-87 ... (-4)
5. Bill Denton ... 137-87 ... (-4)
9. Karl Vaillancourt ... 136-88 ... (-5)
9. John Weaver ... 136-88 ... (-5)
9. Jon Stover ... 136-88 ... (-5)
12. Joey Bansen ... 135-89 ... (-6)
13. Matthew Kory ... 134-90 ... (-7
14. Alex Mena ... 133-91... (-8)
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 132-92 ... (-9)

I'll be back later with the schedule for Week 16.  Have a great week, everyone.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 15: Update

This Update post is pretty close to a Results post, and in fact, its not pretty close, it is a Results post.  Here's the story, youse. (God I hate the Eagles.  Almost as much as I hate the Redskins right now.) 

With a game to go in this, your Week 15, we've got two people...fine, guys (sorry Robin!) who are vying for the lead.  Josh Money and Sandy Kory both have 11 wins so far, which is an impressive showing considering how many upsets there were this week.  There are several people (Hi Robin!) who have 10 wins so far, but because nobody here is painfully stupid, everyone picked the Bears to win on Monday night. 

This means nobody can catch Sandy and Josh.  Which means the actual result of the Monday night game doesn't matter here.  So, we'll go right to the Monday Night Points (MNP) and see how this works out.  Lets see... Sandy picked 34 points and Josh picked ... 34 points.  Crap! 

That means, no matter what happens on Monday night, Josh and Sandy are going to split the WSP.  Sorry to ruin the suspense, but what can I do?  You dolts picked the same damn number of points.  What a shame too, considering this week's prize was a book.  I'll have to slice it in half and ship it to you.  Josh, you get the top half, and Sandy, I'll send you the bottom. 

Back tomorrow night with the Current Overall Standings, and the schedule for Week 16.  Get it together, people!  Only two more weeks to go!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 15: Schedule

Here's the schedule for your Week 15.  Try not to inhale too quickly.

Thursday Night Game:

San Francisco at San Diego

Sunday & Monday Games:

Kansas City at St. Louis
Buffalo at Miami
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Houston at Tennessee
Washington at Dallas
Philadelphia at NY "Obscure Jewish Holiday" Giants
Arizona at Carolina
Detroit at Tampa Bay
New Orleans at Baltimore
Atlanta at Seattle
New York Jets at Pittsburgh
Denver at Oakland
Green Bay at New England
Chicago at Minnesota (Plus total points)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 14: Results

Sorry for the lateness of this write up, folks.  Hope you won't hold it against me, unless you're a sexy, leggy blond who likes hackneyed phrases and stereotypes!  Grrrrrrrowl!

To the Pool(poop!)!

When last we left our heroes, it was a three sexually androgynous person race with Matthew Mariam in the lead, followed closely behind by Dave Labowitz and Sandy Kory.  Well, Matt got both Monday night contests right, so both Dave and Sandy can screw, because Matthew Mariam is this week's big wiener!

Congrats, Matt.  As the big weekly wiener, you win a lifetime supply of free tickets to Redskins games! And by lifetime I mean two games, which is likely all it'll take for you to off yourself in frustration. But before you commit suicide, don't forget to write your note on official Redskins Suicide Stationary! (Don't worry, it comes with the tickets.)

No, sadly, you win the WSP, which is probably enough to pay for parking and one small Bud Lite at FedEx Field. Enjoy!

Here's how Week 14 finished up:

1. Matthew Mariam ... 12-4
2. Josh Money ... 11-5
2. Robin Wood ... 11-5
2. Joey Bansen ... 11-5
2. Gedeon Mariam ... 11-5
6. Alex Mena ... 10-6
6. Karl Vaillancourt ... 10-6
6. Zack Klein ... 10-6
6. Matthew Kory ... 10-6
6. Sandy Kory ... 10-6
6. Dave Labowitz ... 10-6
12. Bill Denton ... 9-7
12. George Smith ... 9-7
14. Jon Stover ... 8-8
14. John Weaver ... 8-8

Last week, Zack, John Weaver, and Dave were all tied for first with Sandy a game back. George and Karl were two back. This week Zack and Dave are still tied, but John has dropped two off the pace into a tie with Sandy. Karl has fallen into a tie with Josh at three back, while George has dropped four behind.

There are ten people at four or fewer games back. Its really no stretch what so ever to say this is anyone's pool(poop!).

Here's your Current Overall Standings (COS):

1. Zack Klein ... 131-77
1. Dave Labowitz ... 131-77
3. Sandy Kory ... 129-79
3. John Weaver ... 129-79
5. Josh Money ... 128-80
5. Karl Vaillancourt ... 128-80
7. Robin Wood ... 127-81
7. George Smith ... 127-81
7. Matthew Mariam ... 127-81
7. Matthew Kory ... 127-81
11. Bill Denton ... 126-82
11. Alex Mena ... 126-82
13. Joey Bansen ... 125-83
13. Jon Stover ... 125-83
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 122-86

There are only three weeks left in the regular season, folks, so this is the time to make a run. Good luck!

The schedule for Week 15 will be up shortly. Remember, I need your pick for Thursday night's game by the start of that game, 8:20pm EST this Thursday. I'll need all the rest of your picks by 1pm EST this Sunday.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 14: Update

Another strange week in what is officially a strange year in the NFL.  The Redskins blew an extra point attempt with a chance to send the game into overtime, the Lions and Packers accounted for ten total points (with the Lions winning!?) and the Metrodome roof fell in putting Minnesota's next home game in Detroit. 


To the pool(poop!)!

This is the week of hard core parity.  Fourteen of us are either 8-6 or 9-5.  That accounts for everyone except Matthew Mariam, who is somehow 10-4.  Still, the sheer number of people only a game or two back, plus the fact there are now two Monday night games (though apparently only one of them will be on national TV), should make this more than a one horse race. 

And it does.  Its, in fact, a three horse race.  At 10-4 Mr. Mariam is in the lead, but six people are right behind him at 9-5.  However, four of those people have the same picks for Monday night's two contests as Matt, meaning they can't catch him.  The two that have different picks than Matt are Sandy Kory and Dave Labowitz.  Everyone still in contention for the Weekly Standard Prize picked Baltimore, but both Sandy and Dave have Minnesota over the Giants while Matt picked the Giants. 

If the Giants win then Matt is the big wiener, but if Minnesota wins, it'll come down to Monday Night Points.  And looking at the points, Matt better hope the Giants win because he's a bit boxed in.  Just to be clear, Monday Night Points applies only to the Baltimore/Houston game and not the Giants/Minnesota game.  Here's the breakdown:

If Minnesota wins and the point total of the Baltimore/Houston game is...

... 36 or less, Sandy Kory wins.
... either 37, 38 or 39, Matthew Mariam wins.
... 40 or greater, Dave Labowitz wins.

That's where we stand now.  I'll be back tomorrow with the results for Week 14 and your Week 15 schedule. 


Monday, December 06, 2010

Week 14: Schedule

Relax already, here's the schedule for Week 14.  Sheesh...

Thursday Night Game

Indianapolis at Tennessee

Sunday & Monday Games

Cleveland at Buffalo
New York "Liberace Referee" Giants at Minnesota
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay at Washington
Atlanta at Carolina
Green Bay at Detroit
Oakland at Jacksonville
St. Louis at New Orleans
Seattle at San Francisco
New England at Chicago
Denver at Arizona
Kansas City at San Diego
Miami at New York Jerks
Philadelphia at Dallas
Baltimore at Houston (plus total points)

Week 13: Results

As I write this it is the 3rd quarter and the Patriots are beating the Jets by 35 now 42 points.  So I'm calling this one. 

As the Pats are winners that means Matthew Mariam and indeed the rest of the pool(poop!) can't catch George Smith this week.  He's uncatchable that George Smith!  That's what I've always said. 

So, congratulations, George, on being this week's big wiener (that probably should be capitalized - I'll get to it next week)!  As the Big Wiener (there it is), you win Albert Haynesworth!  Not a bobblehead, not a fathead, not a football card, no, you win the actual Albert Haynesworth.  He'll be showing up at your door in 8-10 business days.  I'd have some food ready.

No, sadly, you win the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) of whateverthehellitis.  May I suggest you spend at least part of it on an Adrian Gonzalez t-shirt.  Or if those aren't available you could probably double your money in Vegas. 

Without further ado, here's the final standings for Week 13:

1. George Smith ... 13-3
2. Matthew Kory ... 12-4
2. Robin Wood ... 12-4
2. Zack Klein ... 12-4
2. Bill Denton ... 12-4
6. Matthew Mariam ... 11-5
6. Joey Bansen ... 11-5
6. Dave Labowitz ... 11-5
6. Karl Vaillancourt ... 11-5
10. Josh Money ... 10-6
10. Gedeon Mariam ... 10-6
10. Jon Stover ... 10-6
13. Sandy Kory ... 9-7
13. Alex Mena ... 9-7
13. John Weaver ... 9-7

The Current Overall Standings are are getting pretty interesting up in this piece. We went from getting schooled by John Weaver to nobody being more than ten games out of first place. Also, we have a three way tie for first place between Zack Klein, John Weaver and ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dave Labowitz.

*silent weeping*

After the top three, or as I like to call them Kleavowitz, my brother Sandy, George and Karl are all within striking distance.  But really, there isn't a single person in the pool(poop!) who is out of contention.  Just put together a couple great weeks and the pool(poop!) is yours for the taking.  Its shaping up to be quite a finish.

Here are the COS through Week 13:

1. Zack Klein ... 121-71
1. John Weaver ... 121-71
1. Dave Labowitz ... 121-71
4. Sandy Kory ... 119-73
5. George Smith ... 118-74
5. Karl Vaillancourt ... 118-74
7. Jon Stover ... 117-75
7. Josh Money ... 117-75
7. Bill Denton ... 117-75
7. Matthew Kory ... 117-75
11. Alex Mena ... 116-76
11. Robin Wood ... 116-76
13. Matthew Mariam ... 115-77
14. Joey Bansen ... 114-78
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 111-81

The schedule for Week 14 will be up shortly.  Have a great week, everyone.

Week 13: Update

Another week, another gray hair.  Being a parent of twins will do that to you, I guess.  But not as much as being a fan of the f'n Redskins.  Holy turds on a stick do they suck poop out of a dead badger's bottom hole.  31-7?  Over the last four weeks they're 1-3 and have been outscored by 55 total points.  I hate them.  And yet I'm still wearing my Redskins hat, my Redskins shirt, and my glow-in-the-dark Redskins nipple rings (the ones with little Dan Snyder faces - I threw out my Vinny Cerrato pair).


This week things are pretty straight forward.  Despite the fact that five people (including yours truly) have 11 wins on the week, there is one man who rises above us all.  When nobody else could manage it, only one man came in with 12 wins:

Dave Labowitz! 

No, just kidding, its George Smith.   George has 12 wins on the week and as such he's a game up on the five 11 game winners.  The only way this even gets to Monday Night Points (MNP) is if George loses on Monday Night and if at least one of the five 11 game winners correctly picked the winner. 

Lets get to specifics.  George picked New England, as did most everyone in the pool.  But not everyone.  One of the five eleven game winners (not me) did pick the Pats opponent, the J-E-T-S JERKS JERKS JERKS (Jets fans can't spell).  That would be Dave Labowitz.

No, kidding again.  Its Matthew Mariam.

So here's how it breaks down.  Pats win, George wins.  If the Jets win, things get more interesting.  A Jets win would give both George and Matthew 12 wins in which case it'll come down to Monday Night Points.  George has 35 and Matthew has 37 so, as we play by Price is Right rules here, if the total points is between 0 and 36, George will still take home the WSP.  If its 37 or more, Matthew will sneak in the backdoor and snag the WSP out of George's hands.

That's how things stand as of Sunday night.  Tune in tomorrow for the results from Week 13.