Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Week 16: Results & Refresher

As you may or may not be aware, this week's Weekly Standard Prize came down to two men. Or one man and one overgrown idiot-boy who runs this pool(poop!). Anyway, I picked New Orleans and Bill picked Atlanta. If Atlanta won then Bill won the WSP straight up. If New Orleans won (they did) then we'd tie in games won at 12 and it would go down to Monday Night Points! Again!

Bill picked 47 and I chose 51 meaning if the total points scored was 50 or less, Bill won, which is exactly what happened. I am drowning my sorrows in Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. I recommend it for sorrow drowning.

Anyway, congratulations to Bill Denton, the winner of Week 16, and as such, this week's Big Wiener! Bill wins a copy of Jaimie Farr's autobiography, entitled "Please, I Beg Of You, Buy This Book! I Badly Need The Money!" My favorite is chapter seven, where Farr lists the names he was considering for his pet gerbil, who keeps getting out of his cage and pooping under the fridge. Name #47: King Gustav turned out to be the winner. Riveting stuff.

Here is your final standings for Week 16:

1. Bill Denton ... 12-4
1. Matthew Kory ... 12-4 (DAMMIT! I get nothing and don't like it.)
3. Alex Mena ... 11-5
3. George Smith ... 11-5
3. Sandy Kory ... 11-5
6. Jon Stover ... 10-6
6. Karl Vaillancourt ... 10-6
6. Robin Wood ... 10-6
6. Dave Labowitz ... 10-6
6. John Weaver ... 10-6
11. Matthew Mariam ... 9-7
12. Josh Money ... 8-8
12. Gedeon Mariam ... 8-8
14. Zack Klein ... 7-9
15. Joey Bansen ... 6-10

As far as the Current Overall Standings go, the big winners this week were Sandy and Bill.  Sandy picked up two games on the pool, extending his lead over second place from one to three games.  That's impressive.  A three game lead with one week to go, though?  That's called pressure.  Can't you feel it pulsing through your veins?  Don't pick Miami... Don't pick Miami....

Bill managed to hopscotch from a four way tie for fifth into a two way tie for second.  He pulled himself from well out of the money to well in it.  That's called improvement.  As for the other top finisher this week, despite tying for the week's best record, I only picked up one game on the field.  BOOOO!!!!

George Smith and Robin Wood both had good weeks and are hanging within striking distance of the money.  A good week by either could thrust them into the the top three.  And of course, Dave Labowitz, kept on keeping on.  Dave managed to remain in the money tied for second, three games back.  Its shaping up to be an exciting race. 

Here is your Current Overall Standings (COS):

1. Sandy Kory ... 152-88
2. Bill Denton ... 149-91
2. Dave Labowitz ... 149-91
4. George Smith ... 148-92
4. Robin Wood ... 148-92
4. Josh Money ... 148-92
7. Karl Vaillancourt ... 146-94
7. John Weaver ... 146-94
7. Matthew Mariam ... 146-94
10. Matthew Kory ... 146-94
10. Jon Stover ... 146-94
12. Zack Klein ... 144-96
12. Alex Mena ... 144-96
14. Joey Bansen ... 141-99
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 140-100

A little refresher on the money situation is probably in order here.  In short, the top three finishers win money.  If you're curious exactly how the money will be broken down including possible tie breakers, I posted about it at the beginning of the season.  You can read up on it here.  If you have questions just shoot me an email.

The one thing that wasn't correct in that post was the total amount of money in the pool.  George Smith hadn't yet joined so his money isn't counted in the overall total in that post.  It will be below.

If my math is correct, and I believe it is (Matt Mariam, please check me to be sure), this is how all the the money was and will be distributed.

We had 15 people play at $125 a piece. That's a total pool of $1,875.  We gave out $70 per week as the WSP, so 17 weeks X $70 per week = $1,190. That leaves $685 for the top three finishers ($1,175 - $1,190 = $685).

Previously I had posted that the money would be broken down as 1st: $290; 2nd: $180; 3rd: $90; but that was before George entered the pool.  Thus, the money shall be broken down as follows:

First Finisher: $335
Second Finisher: $225
Third Finisher: $125

Again, Matt Mariam, check my math, but I believe $335 + $225 + $125 = $685. 

If the season ended today,  Sandy Kory would be your first finisher and would win the first place prize of $335.  Bill Denton and Dave Labowitz (NOOOOO!!!!) would be tied for second place, and as such we would add the second and third finisher totals ($225 + $125 = $350) and split it down the middle.  Each would win $175. 

BUT!  There's another week to go, folks.  Six people are within four games of first place and eleven people are within six games, so its really anyone's race. This thing isn't close to done yet.

Keep in mind, there IS NO THURSDAY OR SATURDAY GAME THIS WEEK.  All games are on Sunday, so please send in all your picks at once by the start of game time, 1pm EST this coming Sunday, January 2nd 2011.

Also, there is no Monday night game so we'll be using the Sunday night game as the designated points game.  It shall be so designated in the schedule post.  Back soon with the schedule for Week 17.

Best of luck to you all.

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