Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 16: Update

Caveat: Is there anyone on the planet or even in the pool(poop!) who thinks the Vikings will beat the Eagles on Tuesday night?  No...?  Didn't think so.  I'm gonna go ahead and count that one as an Eagles win, which actually doesn't matter as far as the Current Overall Standings (COS) goes anyway because everyone in the Pool(poop!) rightly picked Philadelphia. 

With that caveat, here's how Week 16 is progressing.  With the help of Tim Tebow, Bill Denton leads the field at 12-3.  Two people are behind BLLLEAAAAAAARG!!!  I HATE mushrooms on pizza!!  Nothing worse than thinking you disposed of all the nasty fungi and you take a big delicious bite and end up with a mouthful with the consistency of Styrofoam and the flavor dirt mixed with turd.  GOD I hate mushrooms.... 

[5 minute horking break]

At 12-3, Bill is a game up on two people.  One is Alex Mena, his partner in Cowboys-hating crime down in Dallas.  The other is my lame buttocks.  But, both Bill and Alex have Atlanta over New Orleans on Monday night, so Alex can't make up the necessary game on Bill.  So Alex is out.  On the other hand, I went with New Orleans, thus making it a two man race.  Or if you don't count me as a full man, a one point five man race. 

If Atlanta wins on Monday night, Bill wins the week.  But, if New Orleans wins, Bill and I will be tied with 12 wins.  Which means... (pause for building suspense)... it'll come down to... MONDAY NIGHT POINTS!!!  Bill picked 47 and I went with 51.  Remembering that we do Price Is Right rules here at MFSAFP(p!), that means if the final score total adds up to anything less than 51, Bill wins.  If its 51 or over, I'll be your Big Wiener this week.

Back tomorrow with the results for Week 16, the Current Overall Standings, and the schedule for the final week of the NFL season. 

Good luck to me! 

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