Monday, December 06, 2010

Week 13: Update

Another week, another gray hair.  Being a parent of twins will do that to you, I guess.  But not as much as being a fan of the f'n Redskins.  Holy turds on a stick do they suck poop out of a dead badger's bottom hole.  31-7?  Over the last four weeks they're 1-3 and have been outscored by 55 total points.  I hate them.  And yet I'm still wearing my Redskins hat, my Redskins shirt, and my glow-in-the-dark Redskins nipple rings (the ones with little Dan Snyder faces - I threw out my Vinny Cerrato pair).


This week things are pretty straight forward.  Despite the fact that five people (including yours truly) have 11 wins on the week, there is one man who rises above us all.  When nobody else could manage it, only one man came in with 12 wins:

Dave Labowitz! 

No, just kidding, its George Smith.   George has 12 wins on the week and as such he's a game up on the five 11 game winners.  The only way this even gets to Monday Night Points (MNP) is if George loses on Monday Night and if at least one of the five 11 game winners correctly picked the winner. 

Lets get to specifics.  George picked New England, as did most everyone in the pool.  But not everyone.  One of the five eleven game winners (not me) did pick the Pats opponent, the J-E-T-S JERKS JERKS JERKS (Jets fans can't spell).  That would be Dave Labowitz.

No, kidding again.  Its Matthew Mariam.

So here's how it breaks down.  Pats win, George wins.  If the Jets win, things get more interesting.  A Jets win would give both George and Matthew 12 wins in which case it'll come down to Monday Night Points.  George has 35 and Matthew has 37 so, as we play by Price is Right rules here, if the total points is between 0 and 36, George will still take home the WSP.  If its 37 or more, Matthew will sneak in the backdoor and snag the WSP out of George's hands.

That's how things stand as of Sunday night.  Tune in tomorrow for the results from Week 13. 

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