Monday, December 31, 2007


In the words of a famous American, "Thats all, folks!" MSAFP(p!)! is in the books, and the big weiner is in. The Envelope, please!

But first, we'll do small potatoes. Week 17 was clearly the last week, as only about 0.8% of you bothered to send your picks in. For shame, people, for shame! Next year, I've gotta come up with a better way to penalize people who don't send their picks in on time... but I digress. Anyway, of the people who bothered to send their picks in (I've only included them below), the winner was (surprise, surprise, surprise...)...


Dave is the big weiner for Week 17 and will receive a WSP in the mail at some point! Congrats, Dave. Don't forget to send flowers!

The standings for the final week were as follows:

1. Dave (12-4) (came closest to the point total, though went over)
1. Joshu (12-4) (went WAAAAAAAAAAY over; Doh!)
3. Me! (11-5)
3. Bill (11-5)
3. Scott (11-5)
6. George (10-6)
7. Matt M. (9-7)
8. Josh (8-8)
9. Molly (7-9)
14. Everyone else. Ppppsb!

So, now the moment that Dave and Scott and maybe Bill have been waiting for! Who came in first place overall? Would it be Scott, or Dave, or would Bill make a run at the last second? Oh the suspense is killing me. The answer is, of course, Dave won. Yay. (Yawn) He beat Scott by one game. Poor poor (poop!) Scott. He'll only be walking away with $140 in ciz-zash miz-zoney. As for Dave, he'll get D308. You'll notice that there is no '$' symbol in front of Dave's winnings. Thats because Dave will not be paid in normal American dollars. Nope. He'll be getting 308 'Dave Dollars'. For a complete history of Dave Dollars find Bill, give him 8 shots of Jagermeister, sit back, listen and enjoy.

In all seriousness, Congratulations to Dave for kicking our asses most righteously. Enjoy it while it lasts, because yr going down next year, friend. DOWN!

Here are the final standings for the 2007 Matty's Second Annual Football Pool (poop!)!


1. Dave "Whole Lotta Winn'n" Labowitz (171-85)
2. Scott "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades" Rozsa (170-86)
3. Bill "No DaveDollars for me" Denton(168-88)
4. Joey "Mov'n on up... to tha east side..." Bansen (165-91)
4. Jon "Mov'n on back... to tha est coast..." Stover (165-91)
4. Zack "I live in LA, so f y'all bitches" Klein (165-91)
7. Me! (164-92)
8. Josh "Not in the money" Money (163-93)
8. Tyler "Also not in the money" Christofferson (163-93)
8. George "Paying attention since 2003" Smith (163-93)
11. Molly "the highest ranking woman ever in the history of the pool (poop!)!" (161-95)
11. Sandy "Also the highest ranking woman ever in the history of the pool (poop!)" (161-95)
13. Joshu "Ahh for the old days of 2006..." (160-96)
14. Matt "If you reverse my record I suck even more!" M. (154-102)

I hope everyone had a fun time this season with this pool. I'll be in touch again with you all before next football season, and hopefully you'll all be back (and tell a friend or two) about Matty's Third Annual Football Pool (poop!)!

Also, I'll be putting all the remaining checks in the mail this week, so watch your mailbox vigilantly.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding the pool, or any comments, please feel free to email me at and let me know.

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year, and all the best in the coming year.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Here is the schedule for Week 17, the last week of MSAFP(p!)! Its been a pleasure, peeps. The first game starts this Saturday night at 8pm EST. I'll need all of your picks, plus you MNP by that time.

New England at NY Giants
San Francisco at Cleveland
Detroit at Green Bay
New Orleans at Chicago
Jacksonville at Houston
Carolina at Tampa Bay
Buffalo at Philadelphia
Cincinnati at Miami
Seattle at Atlanta
Minnesota at Denver
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Dallas at Washington
Kansas City at NY Jets
San Diego at Oakland
St. Louis at Arizona
Tenessee at Indianapolis (plus total points)


This is it, folks.

The final week of MSAFP(p!)! is here. But first I wanted to say that I've enjoyed doing this pool for the second year in a row. I know I haven't been as up-to-date as I'd like and I haven't been as hilarious as last year, but thems the breaks. You get married, you get a job, these things happen to you. Next thing you know you're getting hairs growing out of your nose and it takes you twenty minutes to take a dump. Its coming people, so get ready.

But in the meantime, theres one more exciting 'n moist week of MSAFP(p!)! to go, so go for the gusto, ma peeps. You've got one more week to throw all the turds at the wall that you possibly can. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Week 17 is almost upon us, but I can't forget Week 16. It was an exciting week that came down to the wire. First here were how the standings finished.

1. Matthew M. (12-4)
1. Jon (12-4)
3. Scott (11-5) (glad you didn't pick Buffalo, huh?)
3. Sandy(11-5)
3. Joey (11-5)
3. George (11-5)
7. Joshu (10-6)
7. Tyler (10-6)
7. Josh (10-6)
7. Zack (10-6)
7. Dave (10-6)
12. Me! (9-7)
12. Molly (9-7)
12. Bill (9-7) (we're finishing strong to the hole, eh Bill)

You'll notice a tie at the top of the standings. Thus we go to Monday Night Points for the tiebreaker. Jon picked 41 points while Matthew picked 37. The final score was San Diego, 23-3, for a total of 26 points. As both were over that total, the winner is the one who got the closest, and that would be...

Matthew Mariam!

Congrats, Matt. You've managed to finish last in like a billion consecutive weeks and some how you still win your money back. This should be a lesson folks. Throw enough turds at the wall and some are bound to stick.... kinda makes you wanna fire up a big 'ol bowl of the Cocoa Puffs, huh?

So, you may ask, where does that leave us overall? Well, funny you should ask. Here are the cumulative standings through Week 16:

1. Scott (159-81)
1. Dave (159-81)
3. Bill (157-83)
4. Zack (155-85)
4. Josh (155-85)
4. Joey (155-85)
4. Jon (155-85)
8. Molly (154-86)
9. Me! (153-87)
9. George (153-87)
9. Tyler (153-87)
12. Sandy (151-89)
13. Joshu (148-92)
14. Matt M. (145-95)

Thats right, its a horse race at the top with Scott and Dave duking it out for first, Bill breathing down their necks (yummy), and four others only four games and one great week away from doing something huge. Its anybody's game.

I'll be posting the schedule for Week 17 momentarily. The first game is the Saturday night Pats/G'nts game in NY in which I fully expect half of you to pick NY. Don't forget to send me your picks. I need all of the games, MNP, and I need them by the start of the game on Saturday Night.

Hope you all had/are having an excellent Holiday season.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Here are the final standings for Week 15:

1. Matthew M. (11-5)
1. Jon (11-5)
3. Dave (10-6)
3. Sandy (10-6)
5. Molly (9-7)
5. George (9-7)
5. Me! (9-7)
5. Bill (9-7)
5. Zack (9-7)
5. Josh (9-7)
5. Tyler (9-7)
5. Scott (9-7)
5. Joey (9-7)
14. Joshu (8-8)

aaaaaaaaaaand overall:

1. Scott (150-74)
2. Dave (149-75)
3. Bill (148-76)
4. Molly (145-79)
4. Zack (145-79)
4. Josh (145-79)
7. Me! (144-80)
7. Joey (144-80)
9. Jon (143-81)
9. Tyler (143-81)
11. George (142-82)
12. Sandy (140-84)
13. Joshu (138-86)
14. Matt M. (133-91)


No update right now. Apologies for that, but sometimes thats the way it goes. Please, feel free to post comments below calling me names if you feel so inclined. I'll be sure to post the standings tonight.

Remember, Week 16 starts tomorrow night.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here is the schedule for Week 16, which starts this Thursday at 7:15pm EST. Why then? I have no idea. Get me your picks by the start of that game or you won't be eligible for this week's WSP.

Pittsburgh at St. Louis
Dallas at Carolina
NY Giants at Buffalo
Green Bay at Chicago
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Detroit
Houston at Indianapolis
Oakland at Jacksonville
Washington at Minnesota
Miami at New England
Philadelphia at New Orleans
Atlanta at Arizona
Baltimore at Seattle
NY Jets at Tennessee
Tampa Bay at San Francisco
Denver at San Diego (plus total points)


I'm at work, so I don't have the pool spreadsheet in front of me, but I'm pretty sure that this week's winner is Matthew Mariam, who managed to throw enough crap against the wall that some of it finally stuck. Isn't that a pleasant image to wake up to?

So, preliminary congrats t0 Matt. I'll post the results for this week and the up-to-the minute overall standings when I get home tonight.

Also, remember that Week 16 annoyingly begins this Thursday night (December 20th) at the inexplicable time of 7:15pm EST. I'll need all of your picks in my inbox by the start of that game for you to be eligible for the Week 16 WSP. As such, I'll post the schedule for Week 16 at lunch later today.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here are the results for Week 14.

1. Josh (15-1)
2. Zack (14-2)
2. Matthew M. (14-2)
2. Joey (14-2)
5. George (13-3)
5. Joshu (13-3)
5. Sandy (13-3)
5. Scott (13-3)
5. Molly (13-3)
10. Bill (12-4)
10. Tyler (12-4)
10. Jon (12-4)
10. Dave (12-4)
14. Me! (11-5)

That means that Josh Money is the winner! Congratulations, Josh. Josh: If you don't mind, kindly email me your correct address so I can make sure you get your check.

As for the rest of you losers, its Week 15 coming up, so essentially its desperation time. Theres only so much time left to catch Scott for the big prize so don't forget to pick the Jets over the Pats this week.

1. Scott (141-67)
2. Bill (139-69)
2. Dave (139-69)
4. Josh (136-72)
4. Zack (136-72)
4. Molly (136-72)
7. Me! (135-73)
7. Joey (135-73)
9. Tyler (134-74)
10. George (133-75)
11. Jon (132-76)
12. Joshu (130-78)
12. Sandy (130-87)
14. Matthew (122-86)

Also, don't forget to send me your picks by game time this Thursday night (8pm, EST) to make sure you are eligible for this week's Weekly Standard Prize (WSP). Have a great week.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Week 15 starts this Thursday, December 13th, at 8pm. I'll need all of your picks by then. Heres the schedule:

Denver at Houston
Cincinnati at San Francisco
NY Jets at New England
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
Seattle at Carolina
Baltimore at Miami
Green Bay at St. Louis
Arizona at New Orleans
Tennessee at Kansas City
Buffalo at Cleveland
Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Indianapolis at Oakland
Philadelphia at Dallas
Detroit at San Diego
Washington at NY Giants
Chicago at Minnesota (plus total points)


We have a winner!

And, my guess is the winner knows who s/he is (only one loss so far). I'll post the results and up-to-date overall standings either tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I'll try to do it tomorrow, but I'm going to be at work for a long time tomorrow so I may not be able to do it until Wednesday.

Also, we have yet another irritating Thursday night football game this week, folks. That means that I'll need ALL of your picks before that game starts. If you are late with your picks, 1) you aren't eligible for that week's WSP, and 2) you'll automatically get the home team for which ever games you are late on.

I'll post the schedule for Week 15 tonight, so don't forget to send your picks in on time!

Have a great week.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Before I go to the results, don't forget to send me your picks for Week 14 (the schedule is posted below) before 8pm EST, tomorrow, Thursday.

Ok, here are the results for Week 13 and the up-to-date overall standings.

Week 13 Standings:

1. Tyler (12-4)
2. Scott (11-5)
2. Sandy (11-5)
4. Me (10-6)
4. Joey (10-6)
4. Dave (10-6)
4. Molly (10-6)
4. Josh (10-6)
9. Bill (9-7)
9. Joshu (9-7)
9.Jon (9-7)
9.Zack (9-7)
13. Matt M. (8-8)
13. George (8-8)

Overall Standings

1. Scott (128-64)
2. Dave (127-65)
2. Bill (127-65)
4. Me (124-68)
5. Molly (123-69)
6. Tyler (122-70)
6. Zack (122-70)
8. Josh (121-71)
8. Joey (121-71)
10. George (120-72)
10. Jon (120-72)
12. Josh (117-75)
12. Sandy (117-75)
14. Matt M. (108-84)


Here is the schedule for Week 14. Remember, Skins/Bears tomorrow night at 8pm EST, so I'll need all your picks by then to be eligible for the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP).

Chicago at Washington
Carolina at Jacksonville
Miami at Buffalo
San Diego at Tennessee
Tampa Bay at Houston
Oakland at Green Bay
Dallas at Detroit
NY Giants at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Cincinnati
Arizona at Seattle
Minnesota at San Francisco
Kansas City at Denver
Pittsburgh at New England
Cleveland at NY Jets
Indianapolis at Baltimore
New Orleans at Atlanta (plus total points)

Monday, December 03, 2007


Thanks to Bill calling me an "asshat", I now have my priorities in the right place. So, unlike last week where you had to wait the better part of the week to find out what happened in your beloved pool(poop!), this week I'm endeavoring to get you up-to-date information as soon as I can at the cost of not only my personal life, but my job if necessary. Thanks, Bill, for setting me straight!

Please be aware that, despite having to bury a murdered teammate today, my falling-faster-than-a-rock-off-a-cliff Redskins will kick off Week 14 against the Chicago Bears this Thursday night. So, I'll need all of your picks by the start of that game or you won't be eligible to win that week's Weekly Standard Prize (WSP).

With all that in mind, the winner of Week 13 has already been decided. That person is....


Congrats, Tyler, on your first (I think) WSP.

In other news, Week 13 has created a shakeup at the top of the overall standings. So tune in tomorrow when I post the standings to find out who the new leader is.

Also, I'll try to post the schedule for Week 14 as soon as tonight so you'll have some time to look it over before sending it in.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. More tomorrow...