Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This is it, folks.

The final week of MSAFP(p!)! is here. But first I wanted to say that I've enjoyed doing this pool for the second year in a row. I know I haven't been as up-to-date as I'd like and I haven't been as hilarious as last year, but thems the breaks. You get married, you get a job, these things happen to you. Next thing you know you're getting hairs growing out of your nose and it takes you twenty minutes to take a dump. Its coming people, so get ready.

But in the meantime, theres one more exciting 'n moist week of MSAFP(p!)! to go, so go for the gusto, ma peeps. You've got one more week to throw all the turds at the wall that you possibly can. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Week 17 is almost upon us, but I can't forget Week 16. It was an exciting week that came down to the wire. First here were how the standings finished.

1. Matthew M. (12-4)
1. Jon (12-4)
3. Scott (11-5) (glad you didn't pick Buffalo, huh?)
3. Sandy(11-5)
3. Joey (11-5)
3. George (11-5)
7. Joshu (10-6)
7. Tyler (10-6)
7. Josh (10-6)
7. Zack (10-6)
7. Dave (10-6)
12. Me! (9-7)
12. Molly (9-7)
12. Bill (9-7) (we're finishing strong to the hole, eh Bill)

You'll notice a tie at the top of the standings. Thus we go to Monday Night Points for the tiebreaker. Jon picked 41 points while Matthew picked 37. The final score was San Diego, 23-3, for a total of 26 points. As both were over that total, the winner is the one who got the closest, and that would be...

Matthew Mariam!

Congrats, Matt. You've managed to finish last in like a billion consecutive weeks and some how you still win your money back. This should be a lesson folks. Throw enough turds at the wall and some are bound to stick.... kinda makes you wanna fire up a big 'ol bowl of the Cocoa Puffs, huh?

So, you may ask, where does that leave us overall? Well, funny you should ask. Here are the cumulative standings through Week 16:

1. Scott (159-81)
1. Dave (159-81)
3. Bill (157-83)
4. Zack (155-85)
4. Josh (155-85)
4. Joey (155-85)
4. Jon (155-85)
8. Molly (154-86)
9. Me! (153-87)
9. George (153-87)
9. Tyler (153-87)
12. Sandy (151-89)
13. Joshu (148-92)
14. Matt M. (145-95)

Thats right, its a horse race at the top with Scott and Dave duking it out for first, Bill breathing down their necks (yummy), and four others only four games and one great week away from doing something huge. Its anybody's game.

I'll be posting the schedule for Week 17 momentarily. The first game is the Saturday night Pats/G'nts game in NY in which I fully expect half of you to pick NY. Don't forget to send me your picks. I need all of the games, MNP, and I need them by the start of the game on Saturday Night.

Hope you all had/are having an excellent Holiday season.

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