Monday, December 03, 2007


Thanks to Bill calling me an "asshat", I now have my priorities in the right place. So, unlike last week where you had to wait the better part of the week to find out what happened in your beloved pool(poop!), this week I'm endeavoring to get you up-to-date information as soon as I can at the cost of not only my personal life, but my job if necessary. Thanks, Bill, for setting me straight!

Please be aware that, despite having to bury a murdered teammate today, my falling-faster-than-a-rock-off-a-cliff Redskins will kick off Week 14 against the Chicago Bears this Thursday night. So, I'll need all of your picks by the start of that game or you won't be eligible to win that week's Weekly Standard Prize (WSP).

With all that in mind, the winner of Week 13 has already been decided. That person is....


Congrats, Tyler, on your first (I think) WSP.

In other news, Week 13 has created a shakeup at the top of the overall standings. So tune in tomorrow when I post the standings to find out who the new leader is.

Also, I'll try to post the schedule for Week 14 as soon as tonight so you'll have some time to look it over before sending it in.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. More tomorrow...


Dave said...

Hey, Asshat, you can't mention a "shakeup at the top of the standings" and then not post the standings, especially for those of us at the top of the standings. Asshat.

mattymatty said...

I'll post the standings at lunch today.