Monday, December 10, 2007


We have a winner!

And, my guess is the winner knows who s/he is (only one loss so far). I'll post the results and up-to-date overall standings either tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I'll try to do it tomorrow, but I'm going to be at work for a long time tomorrow so I may not be able to do it until Wednesday.

Also, we have yet another irritating Thursday night football game this week, folks. That means that I'll need ALL of your picks before that game starts. If you are late with your picks, 1) you aren't eligible for that week's WSP, and 2) you'll automatically get the home team for which ever games you are late on.

I'll post the schedule for Week 15 tonight, so don't forget to send your picks in on time!

Have a great week.


Joey said...

Question: Does getting in picks for Sunday games on Friday or Saturday constitute a "late" penalty for those games?

mattymatty said...

Yeah, it does. But in this case the two people (I won't name names) who turned their picks in late this week didn't take any real penalty because the Skins won on Thursday night (they were the home team) and both people didn't finish with the most wins so they weren't going to win the week anyway. If that makes any sense.