Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eagles/Vikings Note & Some Pool(poop) History

First, a note on the Tuesday Eagles/Vikings game.

I previously mentioned everyone picked the Eagles over Minnesota, so the fact that the Eagles totally shat the bed makes no difference as far as the Week 16 winner or the overall standings in the pool(poop!).  However, I had initially marked the game down as an Eagles win and had given everyone a win for that game.  I went back and changed it to reflect the fact that we all got the game wrong, which is why the more discerning of you will see a change in your overall record.  I assure you, it happened to everyone so your place in the overall standings is secure, as is your place in relation to those around you.  Still, if you have any questions or concerns, as always, please shoot me an email.

Other than that, carry on.

 * * *

If you are like 80% of the pool(poop!) this season you've received a check from Matthew Mariam.  He's the Treasurer-in-Chief and was kind enough to compile some current and historic stats from this and previous pool(poop!)s.  All the stats below are his doing unless noted.

12 different people have won money this year.  That could become 13 if either Zack Klein, Gedeon Mariam, or I happen to win Week 17.  A quick perusal of the previous few weeks shows that we've been close.  Zack and I finished a game out in Week 13, I tied for first but lost in MNP last week, and Gedeon and I were among a group tied for first in Week 12, but again lost on points.

But even if Zack, Gedeon and I don't pull out a Week 17 win, 12 people is the most winners ever in pool(poop!) history.  In 2006 there were 7 money winners, 2009 had 9 (though only 8 WSP winners as Dave Labowitz won overall without winning one WSP), and in 2007 it almost reached this level but not quite with 11 money winners.

Here is how much money we've all won ranked in order of who's won the most

1. Sandy Kory ... $175
2. George Smith ... $140
2. Jon Stover ... $140
4. Josh Money ... $105
5. Bill Denton ... $70
5. Karl Vaillancourt. .. $70
5. John Weaver ... $70
5. Alex Mena ... $70
5. Joey Bansen ... $70
10. Dave Labowitz ... $35
10. Robin Wood ... $35
12. Matthew Kory ... $0
12. Zack Klein ... $0
12. Gedeon Mariam ... $0
 And here are those same payouts for the season ranked in order of current standings:

1. Sandy Kory ... $175
2. Bill Denton ... $70
2. Dave Labowitz ... $35
4. George Smith ... $140
4. Robin Wood ... $35
4. Josh Money ... $105
7. Karl Vaillancourt ... $70
7. John Weaver ... $70
7. Matthew Mariam ... $140
7. Matthew Kory ... $0
7. Jon Stover ... $140
12. Zack Klein ... $0
12. Alex Mena ... $70
14. Joey Bansen ... $70
15. Gedeon Mariam ... $0

I am honored to be the highest ranking person who has won nothing. 

Now some pool history.  Here are the records of the first place winners in the previous pool(poop)s:

2006: Joshu Shih: 158-98
2007: Dave Labowitz: 171-85
2009: Dave Labowitz: 179-77
2010(to date): Sandy Kory: 151-89

There are 16 games this coming week so if Sandy wins 13 of them (a good week) he can beat Dave's record in '07 for the second highest win total.  He's already mathematically eliminated from beating Dave's '09 record though.  Better luck next year.

However, if Sandy or whomever has a tough week, it is possible (though unlikely) the winner won't surpass Joshu's 158 win mark in '06.  That shouldn't happen though. 

As far as winners go, here were the money winners from past Pool(poop!)s:

2009: 1st: Dave Labowitz; 2nd: Jon Stover; 3rd: Gedeon Mariam
2007: 1st: Dave Labowitz; 2nd: Scott Rozsa; 3rd: Bill Denton
2006: 1st: Joshu Shih; 2nd: Joey Bansen; 3rd: Andy Harris

Dave is the only repeat winner on the list as well as the only one to even finish in the money twice. 

We looked at the winners, well, here are the big losers from previous pool(poop!)s.  You may be shocked to see some of the same names as above:

2006: Dave Labowitz: 139-117
2007: Matt Mariam: 154-102
2009: Sandy Kory: 146-110
2010 (current): Gedeon Mariam: 139-111

While Dave has the honor of winning the Pool(poop!) twice and of having its best record, he also has the dishonor of having the worst record ever assembled over a year in any Pool(poop!).  This is assuming that Gedeon will A) remember to turn in his picks this week, and B) actually get at least one game right. 

It should also be noted that this year has been (so far) the closest year of any Pool(poop!). There is currently a 12 game difference between first and last place in the Current Overall Standings (COS). The biggest differential ever between first and last was in 2009 when Dave beat Sandy by 31 total games. Good God. Here are the seasons ranked by biggest difference between first and last:

2009: 31 game difference (Dave Labowitz: 179-77, last Sandy Kory: 146-110)
2006: 19 game difference (Joshu Shih: 158-98, last Dave Labowitz: 139-117)
2007: 17 game difference (Dave Labowitz: 171-85, last Matt Mariam: 154-102)
2010(to date): 12 game difference (Sandy Kory: 151-88, last Gedeon Mariam: 139-110)

Maybe some more garbage like this to come if I feel like it and/or you send me some ideas.

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