Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 14: Update

Another strange week in what is officially a strange year in the NFL.  The Redskins blew an extra point attempt with a chance to send the game into overtime, the Lions and Packers accounted for ten total points (with the Lions winning!?) and the Metrodome roof fell in putting Minnesota's next home game in Detroit. 


To the pool(poop!)!

This is the week of hard core parity.  Fourteen of us are either 8-6 or 9-5.  That accounts for everyone except Matthew Mariam, who is somehow 10-4.  Still, the sheer number of people only a game or two back, plus the fact there are now two Monday night games (though apparently only one of them will be on national TV), should make this more than a one horse race. 

And it does.  Its, in fact, a three horse race.  At 10-4 Mr. Mariam is in the lead, but six people are right behind him at 9-5.  However, four of those people have the same picks for Monday night's two contests as Matt, meaning they can't catch him.  The two that have different picks than Matt are Sandy Kory and Dave Labowitz.  Everyone still in contention for the Weekly Standard Prize picked Baltimore, but both Sandy and Dave have Minnesota over the Giants while Matt picked the Giants. 

If the Giants win then Matt is the big wiener, but if Minnesota wins, it'll come down to Monday Night Points.  And looking at the points, Matt better hope the Giants win because he's a bit boxed in.  Just to be clear, Monday Night Points applies only to the Baltimore/Houston game and not the Giants/Minnesota game.  Here's the breakdown:

If Minnesota wins and the point total of the Baltimore/Houston game is...

... 36 or less, Sandy Kory wins.
... either 37, 38 or 39, Matthew Mariam wins.
... 40 or greater, Dave Labowitz wins.

That's where we stand now.  I'll be back tomorrow with the results for Week 14 and your Week 15 schedule.