Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Week 9: Results & Thursday Night Note

Last week Jon Stover called the Monday Night Points (MNP) exactly.  This week we've got an encore performance, though not by Mr. Stover who sucked donkey taint this week.  No, this week's genius was Joey Bansen, who nailed the Monday Night Points total exactly, at 48.  Poor, poor Josh Money...  Not a darn thing he could'a done.  But, whatever, that makes Joey Bansen this week's big wiener! 

Congratulations to Mr. Bansen.  He wins a giant heaping load of goat dung!  For no good reason!  Goat dung!  Smellly!! Exclamation Point!  Hooray! 

No, sadly Joey wins the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) of $70 which, if he likes, he can spend entirely on goat dung, which as any good farmer can tell you, will improve fertilizer capacity immensely!

Congrats to Joey. Here be the final standings for Week 9:

1. Joey Bansen ... 11-2
1. Josh Money ... 11-2
3. Jon Stover ... 10-3
3. Matthew Mariam ... 10-3
3. Robin Wood ... 10-3
3. John Weaver ... 10-3
3. Zack Klein ... 10-3
3. Dave Labowitz ... 10-3
9. Karl Vaillancourt ... 9-4
9. Matthew Kory ... 9-4
9. Alex Mena ... 9-4
9. George Smith ... 9-4
13. Bill Denton ... 8-5
13. Sandy Kory ... 8-5
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 7-6

As for the Current Overall Standings (COS), we got some stratification up in this piece.  To wit:

1. John Weaver ... 84-46
2. Josh Money ... 83-47
3. Zack Klein ... 82-48
4. Matthew Mariam ... 81-49
5. Alex Mena ... 80-50
6. Sandy Kory ... 78-52
6. Dave Labowitz ... 78-52
6. Karl Vaillancourt ... 78-52
9. Jon Stover ... 77-53
10. Joey Bansen ... 76-54
10. Matthew Kory ... 76-54
12. Bill Denton ... 75-55
13. Robin Wood ... 74-56
13. George Smith ... 74-56
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 72-58

I'm tied for tenth!  Horseballs! 
  * * *

In more important news, this week marks the first in an annoying series of weeks that include the wonderfully hideous Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network.  Gosh I hope Joe Theismann is doing color commentary again!  Hooray (meaning: poop)!  In that vein, I just checked on the poll results and they are as follows:

7 want the Thursday Night game to be submitted separately
2 don't want that
1 hates me and wishes I'd go away

This means we'll be allowing your picks for the Thursday night games to be submitted separately from your weekly picks.  Also I won't be going away whether you hate me or not. 

Also, this means that you'll have to send in picks twice each week. I won't be sending out emails every other minute to remind you so hopefully you can handle this incredible, immense responsibility akin to giving burning AIDs patients their medication and a healthy douse of ice water. 

I will probably send out one email reminder this week though because its the first week and, well, I love you all, so so much.  Especially Jon Stover, who smells just like honey.  Sweet, sweet honey. 

Congratulations again to Joey Bansen, and my apologies for not going away.  But hey, you had your chance. 

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