Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Please Answer This Quick Question

** UPDATE  **

9:26am PST - The stupid poll I put in won't let anyone vote.  Good stuff.  I'll put in a new one.  Sorry about that...


As a means of warning, next week, Week 10, will be the first week of the season to include Thursday night games.  The Thursday night games will continue through Week 16.  The problem with Thursday night games is I require all picks to be submitted before the first game of the week.  This is mainly for my convenience though I think its more likely people forget to send in their picks if its happens in multiple installments.

However, it sucks that you have to send in all of your picks before the Thursday night game which is three and four days before the games are actually scheduled.  I know there are people who like to wait until the last minute to pick (to be clear, I fully endorse this strategy and if I wasn't running the pool(poop!) I'd be doing that too).

So, I'm willing to do what ever extra legwork there is so we can all submit the Thursday night pick separately.  For your part, you have to be willing to accept the extra responsibility of essentially sending in picks twice each week (although you could still submit all your picks before the Thursday night game if you want). 

So here's the question.  What should we do?

1) Keep things as they are (all picks for each week must be submitted before Thursday night's game).

2) Change it so the Thursday night pick and the rest of the week's picks can be submitted separately if you want.

Please vote in the below poll and feel free to submit questions in the comments section.  

Should we allow Thursday Night picks to be submitted separately?
No, keep things as they are
Leave me alone, I hate you. free polls

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Can I vote for more than one answer?