Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 12: Pre-Update

If you're looking for the Week 12 schedule post scroll down or click here.  As a reminder, I post my picks in the comments section of each schedule post.  That way you can be sure I'm on the level.  Or, alternately, you could just look at my place in the standings and conclude that I'm the world's worst cheater.  In any case...

We're three games into Week 12 and only one of the games was expected to be remotely competitive. Fitting that, we had lots of consensus on the Thanksgiving day games.  So rather than post everyone's record, we'll do it like this, narrative style. 

Everyone in the pool picked the Jets to beat Cincinnati.  So no matter who you are, give yourself a +1 for that game. 

Everyone in the pool except one person took the Patriots over Detroit.  Going against the grain didn't look like a bad idea through the first half, but then someone in the locker rooms reminded the players their role.  After that, the game fell apart for the perpetually inept Lions.  +1 for everyone except Matthew Mariam for that game.  (A big -1 for me for not starting Deion Branch and his two TDs against Bill Denton in our fantasy football league.)

Just about everyone is 2-0 as we come to the most contested game of the day's schedule, New Orleans at Dallas.  The Cowboys have played well since firing head coach Tubby McGoo and replacing him with Sheriff Slim Touchdown-Schultz.  (Ah, the wonder of the hyphenated last name.)  The Saints, as everyone knows, are the defending Super Bowl champs.  Predictably most people picked New Orleans, but five brave souls did go out on a smallish limb and take the home team.  The Cowboys made a late run, but ultimately those of us Redskins fans had a nice little Thanksgiving present.  A +1 for you if your name isn't John Weaver, Jon Stover, Sandy Kory, Zack Klein, or Matthew Mariam.

That's where we stand three games into Week 12.  Most people at 3-0, a few at 2-1, and then Matthew Mariam. 

If you haven't already, don't forget to send in the rest of your picks.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the rest of your long weekend.

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