Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 11: Update

What a good week.  There weren't a ton of easy games, instead, there were lots of competitive games that could have gone either way.  To the credit of the assembled cast of the Pool(poop!), we did a damn good job. 

As for specifics, four people are 10-5 going into Monday night's game.  Which isn't quite good enough, because four other people are 11-4 going into tonight's game, which is the top record in the league so far this week.  Except it isn't, because four other different people are 12-3, which is actually really the best record in the league.  Ha ha!  Fooled you, Jon Stover!

As a matter of fact, unless your last name rhymes with "aquarium" you have 10 wins so far.  Which is just impressive.  So big old golf clap to everyone in the pool for an outstanding blah blah blah who cares you want to know who has 12 wins and more importantly, is it you. 

First I should say, no, it isn't you.  Unless your name is either Sandy Kory, Dave Labowitz, Robin Wood, or Alex Mena.  Then it is you. Bill Denton and I picked the Giants, for which I have an excuse, but to my knowledge Bill hasn't recently had his head surgically implanted into his rectum. 

But, since there are four people right behind the four listed above, things could get really crazy!  Except no, because everyone in the entire pool(poop!) picked San Diego over Denver this Monday night.  That, my friends, is called consensus.  Its like Reagan's second Presidential election up in this piece.  But, like Reagan's second term, it is possible for everyone everywhere to be 100% wrong. 

So everyone who has 11 wins, so sorry, don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!*

*I'm pretty sure Bill Denton's dad says this daily.

For all you with 12 wins so far, here's how the Monday Night Points break down:

Alex Mena: 40 points
Sandy Kory: 41 points
Dave Labowitz: 42 points
Robin Wood: 42 points

Because we play Price Is Right rules here at MFSAFP(p!)!, the winner is the one who gets the closest to the actual number without going over.  This means, in essence, Sandy is totally fucked.  Ha ha!  Good luck winning, Sandy!  Also, have fun with my parents on Thanksgiving!  I'm sure going to miss Grandma loading up on wine and peppermint schnapps until she bazooka barfs on the cat.  Again. 

The breakdown goes thusly:

If the point total is between 0 and 40 Alex wins
If the point total is exactly 41, Sandy wins won't (ever ever ever happen)
If the point total is 42 or more, Dave and Robin will split the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP)

Good luck to everyone!  Except Dave!  I'll be back tomorrow to recap Week 11, congratulate the winner or winners, make fun of Gedeon for finishing last again, and post the schedule for Week 12. 

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