Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 12: Update

Sorry for the delayed Update.  Here's the story of Week 12 so far. 

Through the first 15 games, four people lead the way with 12-3 records.  Those people are Karl "Meet me in the food" Vaillancourt (32), Dave "The Jewish Leprechaun" Lab-O'Witz (38), Gedeon "Little Hotel Bible" Mariam (35), and your humble Pool(poop) runner-person*.  Yes, apparently a blind squirrel is right twice a day.**



As is often the case, every leader picked the same team to win on Monday night.  All four of us picked San Francisco to beat Arizona.  That leaves an opening for someone with 11 wins to sneak onto the top tier, should the Monday night game not go San Francisco's way.  Bill Denton and Robin Wood are both 11-4, a game off the pace.  Unfortunately for them (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) both also picked San Francisco to win tonight.  So no hot soup for them. 

That means for the purposes of determining the weekly wiener the actual winner of the Monday night game is irrelevant.  Its going to come down to Monday Night Points (MNP) either way.  As you'll recall, we play Price Is Right style here in MFSAFP(p!)!.  The person who is the closest to the actual points scored without going over is the big wiener. 

Dave picked 38, Gedeon 35, Karl 32 and I chose 25.   That means if the point total is...

...0 to 31, Matthew Kory (ME!!!) wins.
...32, 33 or 34, Karl Vaillancourt wins.
...35, 36, or 37 Gedeon Mariam wins.
...38 or more, Dave Labowitz wins.

Best of luck to everyone, but mostly to Jon Stover. 

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