Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 10: Update

What a horrible, horrible week.  This is one of those weeks were most of us would've been better off just flipping a coin.  So far I'm 5-8 and I honestly don't feel that badly about it.  OK, that's a lie, I fucking hate this pool(poop!).  OK, that's a lie.  I love it. 

So what hath his ridiculous mess of NFL-related garbage wrought upon us all this week?  Well, aside from tons and tons of losses - really, if you have 6 wins so far you should feel like a damn genius - we have what looks to be a three man race (sorry ladies!) for the Weekly Standard Prize. 

That's right, three lucky fellas are still in the running and they are... well, the usual suspects I'm afraid.  In first with 9 wins so far (I've looked at his picks and I honestly don't know how he did it) we have my brother, Sandy Kory. 

Nobody else has 9 so far, but Sandy, always looking to give himself a good old fashioned nut punch on Monday night, picked our Redskins to beat the Eagles.  And wow was that asking for it.  That's an invitation to losing if for no other reason than I picked the Redskins too.  Whoops!

Hot on Sandy's heals are Joey Bansen and George Smith, both with 8 wins and both of whom (rightly) selected the Eagles to win a contest I see as a foregone conclusion.  The only thing left to happen is for Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, on his way to his fourth touchdown, to stop to jam a red hot poker up my...... well, anyway...  Right, the pool(poop!).  

George and Joey both have eight wins and Philadelphia so if Philly wins tonight they'll both have nine tying Sandy. That means Monday Night Points! (MNP!)!  This one comes with a twist too because both Sandy and Joey picked exactly 30 points.  So, if in this Eagles win the total points are between 0 and 49 George will be over so both Sandy and Joey will tie and split the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP).  If the total points are 50 or greater both Sandy and Joey can screw and George walks away with the entire WSP, whether you like it or not and you won't like it. 

In the 'won't-happen' column, if the Redskins win (won't happen), Sandy wins outright. 

Best of luck to all involved.  Oh, and special shout-out to Zack Klein who was the only one in the entire pool to somehow, through the use of black magic I suspect, see the disintegrating corpse that is the Dallas Cowboys beat what has been up until Sunday one of the best teams in football in the NY Giants proving once again if you throw enough shit up against the wall, eventually some of it will stick. 

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