Monday, October 30, 2006


Mr. Celery says, "Waz up, hos?"

From the point of view of a Redskins fan, and really I am nothing if not that, Week 8 was the best week since Week 4. This is because the NFL's bye-week actually prevented the Redskins from losing. Unfortunately, next week we won't be so lucky.

In our place will be the Eagles who (I'm sure most Eagles fans have just tuned out) get to spend next week wondering, "Wa ha pa?" Three weeks ago the Eagles were 4-1, and "should've been 5-0." Now they're 4-4 and they "should be 4-4." Based on their play of the last three weeks the Eagles have gone hunting with Dick Cheney, proverbially speaking. In a game they all said they needed to win, the Eagles came out soft with their worst offensive performance to date. Even Donovan "Most Vomiting Player" McNabb played badly. Were have I heard that before?
"This is definitely a must-win for us." - Mark Brunell, before week 7 loss @ Indy
Oh! Right! I wonder what McNabb and the Eagles will be saying about their game next week vs. Washington.

Anyway, the pool, right? So, the standings aren't complete yet for Week 8, but the winner has been determined. And the winner of Week 8 is....

Zack Klein! Again! Good lord! Give it a break, Klein, eh? Well, for winning Week 8, Zack wins the an official Terrell Owens "Making of Champions Football Camp DVD." Yay! No, actually, Zack wins the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) of $52. This brings his yearly winnings to a pool-leading total of $154!

Also, I've won nothing! Yay!

So, congratulations (again) to Zack (you bastard). I'll post the overall standings and for Week 8 tomorrow, and the schedule for Week 9 (holly hell, I'm getting old!) on Wednesday.

Ta ta!

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