Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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We've come to the end of Week 5, a week fraught with the kind of tension you'd expect from a cheesy spy novel.

Who would win Monday Night? (Not Baltimore)

Who would guess the points correctly? (Nobody)

Who would win the girl? (Nobody, turns out she was a lesbian)

and most importantly...

Jon Stover!!!

PSYCH!!! Ha ha! No, the winner was actually Sandy Kory who managed to take down the pool(poop!) by nailing 13 out of 14 games, and then picking the fewest points of anyone! Congratulations, Sandy! You win a dogeared copy of John Hodgeman's book, The Areas of My Expertise, featuring over 700 different names for hobos, from my bathroom! Yeah!

Actually, no, you win the Standard Weekly Prize (SWP) of $52, which you can put towards waxing your butt cheeks. (Warning: do not try this at home.)

So, in the interest of time (I do have other things to do besides blather on about the pool) (believe it or not) (and you may not), here's how this week finished up:

Sandy Kory 13-1
Jon Stover
Matthew Mariam
Andy Harris
Joey Bansen 11-3
Bill Denton
Dave Labowitz
Zach Klein
Matthew Kory
Joshu Shih
Scott Rozsa 10-4
George Smith
Karl Vaillancourt

Which means the overall standings look like this:

Andy Harris 52-22
Jon Stover 52-22
Sandy Kory 51-23
Joey Bansen 50-24
Matt Kory 50-24
Matthew Mariam 49-25
Joshu Shih 49-25
Karl Vaillancourt 49-25
Zach Klein 48-26
Bill Denton 47-27
Dave Labowitz 47-27
Scott Rozsa 47-27
George Smith 45-29

So, congrats to Sandy on his first WSP and good luck to you all next week.

Oh, and F the Yankees in the goat ass!!

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