Monday, October 16, 2006


That was a brutal week. When 9 wins gets it in a pool (poop!) of 13 people... well, ugh. Only two people called Detroit beating Buffalo, only two people called New Orleans beating Philly, and nobody called the hideous and unmentionable game in the Town Formerly Called Raljon (TFCR).

My comment on the week: bleeeah...

So, we'll get right to the particulars. The standings for this week are as follows:

Joey Bansen 9-4
Scott Rozsa
Sandy Kory 8-5
Matthew Mariam
George Smith 7-6
Matthew Kory
Bill Denton (who would have won the pool if he hadn't been a moron and picked KC and Miami)
Andy Harris
Zach Klein
Jon Stover 6-7
Karl Vaillancourt
Dave Labowitz

So, congratulations to Joey Bansen, who out-pointed Scott Rozsa 35 to 30 in MNF points (the actual total was 47). He's the big weiner for Week 6! Good job, Joey. For wading through this minefield of a week you win an official "Mission Accomplished" cowboy-styled hat and belt buckle! Fashion Warning: Don't wear 'em at the same time (or in any blue state)!

No, unfortunately you win the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) of $52. You can spend it on official Redskins burgundy and gold kleenex, which they're certain to start selling at the Redskins online store any moment now.

So, with Week 6 in the books, the cumulative standings look thusly:

1. Sandy Kory 59-28
Joey Bansen
Andy Harris
5. Jon Stover 58-29
6. Matthew Kory 57-30
Matthew Mariam
8. Scott Rozsa 56-31
Joshu Shih
10. Karl Vaillancourt 55-32
Zach Klein
11. Bill Denton 54-33
13. Dave Labowitz 53-34
13. George Smith 52-35

So, thats it for this week. Congrats again to Joey (you can cash that check now). I'll post the schedule for Week 7 in a day or so.

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