Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 1: Results

Week 1 is always one of the hardest weeks.  In a month from now we'll all have a better handle on who has improved since last year and who has fallen off, but now, we're almost flying blind.  If any teams have taken big steps forward, we likely don't know about it yet.  If anyone has fallen off the cliff, we have nothing to judge it against. 

And still we fight on.  Gloriously.  Into the night. 


If any of you bothered to check thishere* blog this morning, you would've likely deduced two things: 1) my wife hates me, and 2) I am not in the running for the money.  Oh yeah, and something about other people winning the WSP.  WHATEVER. 

*I love that word.  It makes me sound like I have my own still out behind the wood pile.

And while I'm stalling here, who thought hiring Matt Millen fresh off of destroying the Detroit Lions franchise from his living room in Pittsburgh (I swear I just typed "Pissburgh"), to analyze games was a good idea? 

Lead Announcer Guy: So, Matt, it looked like the Chargers just came up a few yards short tonight.
Millen: Yup.  To me, Lead Announcer Guy, the Chargers just didn't have enough wide receivers.  A few more of those and I think their night might have turned out differently *Buuuuuuurp*

Anyway, the pool. Right.  Going into tonight, Sandy and Alex were the top dogs at 11 wins, with four peeps hot on their collective tail a game back.  Both Alex and Sandy managed to win one of tonight's two games, thereby maintaining their collective one game lead over the rest of the pool and a two game LODL* and finishing 12-4. 

* That's Lead Over Dave Labowitz, which is really the only kind of lead I'm worried about.

So with two people tied this week would go down to Monday Night Points (MNP)!  Alex went high, picking 52, while Sandy went way low picking 1.  The final score of the last Monday Night Game was 21-14 for a total of 35 points, so Alex went over making Sandy Kory this week's winner!

Congratulations, Sandy!  You'll take home a game worn Official Redskins Sweaty Jock commemorating Sunday's great win over Dallas!  You know its the kind they wear on the field because its still soaked with game-made secretions!

No, sadly, you will take home the Weekly Standard Prize, which this year is $70!  I only ask, when receiving this vast wealth, you remember your older and decidedly stupider brother (one game stupider as it turns out) who badly needs beer.  Good beer.  I'm talking something from Belgium.

Here are the final standings for Week 1: 

1. Sandy Kory ... 12-4
1. Alex Mena ... 12-4
3. Zack Klein ... 11-5
3. Robin Wood ... 11-5
3. Joey Bansen ... 11-5
3. Matthew Kory ... 11-5
7. George Smith ... 10-6
7. Jon Stover ... 10-6
7. John Weaver ... 10-6
7. Dave Labowitz ... 10-6
11. Bill Denton ... 9-7
11. Josh Money ... 9-7
11. Karl Vaillancourt ... 9-7
14. Matthew Mariam ... 8-8
14. Gedeon Mariam ... 8-8

Normally I'd also publish the Current Overall Standings (COS) but this being Week 1, they're the same as the above. 

So one final congrats to my brother and a reminder that the Week 2 schedule, which fortunately doesn't begin until next Sunday, will be posted shortly.

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Sandy said...

Dave Labowitz, I'm comin after ya!