Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 3: Update: Diddly Poo!

 diddly pooteriffic poo-turds!

Its not often this pool gets all decided and sheeet before the Monday night game.  When it comes down to it, we're relatively evenly matched folks in terms of our football picking abilities.  Yes, penis size is another matter entirely, but I come to build up, not to tear down so take your negativity elsewhere.

Anyway, this is that rare week when the Monday night game will decide diddly-poo.  Yes sir, we've already got our Week 3 winner. 

Should I divulge who it is?

Should I? 


In the words of the great American, Mr. Steve Martin... 


Sorry, suckers, you'll just have to wait till tomorrow for the exciting conclusion. 

Come on, Matty, stop being a prick and tell us who won!

Well, italicized voice, I'm not being a prick, just trying to keep some suspense going.  I won't tell you who won, but if you really want, I'll tell you who lost Dave Labowitz there done happy?

See you tomorrow night!

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