Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 3: Schedule

*If you're looking for the results for Week 2, click here.*

You've hungered for it, so here it is, your Week 3 schedule!!!

Don't forget, pool(poop) peeps, Week 3 starts this Sunday at 1pm EST.  I require all your winners in my in-box by that time. 

San Francisco at Kansas City
Tennessee at New York "Intestinal Parasite" Giants
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay
Detroit at Minnesota
Atlanta at New Orleans
Cleveland at Baltimore
Buffalo at New England
Cincinnati at Carolina
Dallas at Houston
Washington at St. Louis
Philadelphia at Jacksonville
San Diego at Seattle
Oakland at Arizona
Indianapolis at Denver
New York Jets at Miami
Green Bay at Chicago (plus total points)

(By the way, if anyone was wondering, in the interest of fairness I publish all my picks in the comments section of the weekly schedule post (like this one) each week before game time, usually on about Friday though it varies.)

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mattymatty said...

Here are my picks for Week 3:

Kansas City
New York "Intestinal Parasite" Giants
Tampa Bay
New Orleans
New England
St. Louis
San Diego
Chicago (32)