Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 2: Update

After the Redskins meltdown today you all should be amazed that I'm even able to think about football without bazooka barfing let alone compile all of your stats and post them here.  In any case I'm going to make this quick because I have an appointment with the last piece of furniture in my house that I've yet to break.

Unless the Giants score 24 points in the next minute and a half I feel pretty comfortable saying that this week is going to come down to just two people... 

In the red corner, you may remember him from last week's performance of The Nepotism Story: Dammit I Lost The WSP On MNP To Matt's Brother ... Alex Mena!  And in the blue corner, making his first appearance in an update this year ... John "Not Dave Labowitz" Weaver!

Both John and Alex have 11 wins going into tonight.  There are some people who have 10 wins but you're gonna need 12 to win Week 2.  Why?  Because Alex and John picked different winners for Monday night.  That's right, someone actually picked San Francisco over the Saints!  What were they thinking??  To find out shoot John an email after the 49ers get rolled tomorrow night.

So that's it.  No MNP, no eight-different-people-might-win intrigue.  Just John and Alex.  Mono a mono.  If New Orleans wins so does Alex.  If San Francisco wins, so does John.  Best of luck to you both,  gentleman.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to adjourn to the study.  There's a barcalounger calling my name.

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