Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 1: (Overly Complicated) Update

Last night after the Redskins improbable last play victory over Dallas, a victory which screwed me in the pool, my wife accused me of "waking up the neighborhood by screeching like a girl."

I'm not sure why I felt it necessary to tell you that.

With two more games on tap to finish off Week 1, we've got a two way tie for first place!  But!  There are four others waiting only a game out to snatch up the first WSP should both of the two front-runners stumble.  Except, not really, as you shall see.

Here's how the standings look as of now.

1. Alex Mena & Sandy Kory ... 11-3
2. Jon Stover, Joey Bansen, Robin Wood & Zack Klein ... 10-4

As luck would have it Alex and Sandy have completely the opposite picks for tonight's two games.  Sandy has the Jets and KC while Alex picked Baltimore and San Diego.  If either of them is correct on both then obviously they'd be this week's winner.  If, however, the games split... well, this is where it gets complicated. Let me tell ya like this:

If tonight's winners are...

NY Jets & KC
- Sandy wins regardless of the score.
Baltimore & SD
- Joey, Robin, and Zack all picked these two teams to win, but since Alex picked them as well and he is a game up on them, they can't catch him.  So in this scenario Alex wins regardless of the score. Sorry, peeps, better luck never next week.

Baltimore & KC
- Since nobody who currently has 10 wins picked this exact combination nobody can catch Sandy and Alex who would both have 12 wins.  So, with two people tied at 12 wins, the winner will be determined by Monday Night Points (MNP)!  Alex picked 52 and Sandy picked (dut-da-DAH!) 1.  Remember, we use Price Is Right rules here at MFSAFP(p!)!, so the winner is the one who is the closest to the final score without going over.  So if the final score totals 51 or under, Sandy, who effectively just bet a dollar at the second Showcase Showdown, wins.  If its 52 or over Alex wins. 

NY Jets & SD
- Jon Stover, who currently has 10 wins, picked this exact combination which neither Sandy nor Alex picked.  Since Sandy picked the Jets but not San Diego, and Alex picked San Diego but not the Jets, Jon would make up a game on both of them which would lead to a three-way tie for first between Jon, Sandy, and Alex. So we're talking MNP.  Jon picked 43, so if the final score is between 1 and 42, Sandy would win.  If its between 43 and 51, Jon would win.  If its 52 or greater, Alex would win.

I should get paid for this crap.

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