Monday, November 20, 2006


Week 11 is in the books, and much like every other week in this glorious NFL season, I didn't win. This is nothing new of course, and hardly noteworthy, except for the fact that I'm running this damn pool and you all have to read whatever I want to write about, even if what I want to write about is me losing. So there. Dammit.

Enough crap. With MNF pretty much over (Jacksonville is stomping on the NY Lesser Mannings) we have a winner for Week 11. Actually, we had a winner yesterday because this winner ran away with the damn thing this week, as you shall soon see. So, a big MFSAFP(p!)! congratulations to:

Joshu Shih!

Congrats Joshu! You win a week at Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Camp! The fantasy part is that there are no actual Cardinals players at the camp! Yeah! Also, there is no food! Yah! No, unfortunately for you, you win the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) of $52. Heres how the rest of us did:
1. Joshu Shih, 13-3
2. Jon Stover, 12-4
3. Scott Rozsa, 11-5
4. Joey Bansen, 10-6
5. Karl Vaillancourt, 9-7
5. Sandy Kory, 9-7
5. Andy Harris, 9-7
5. Dave Labowitz
5. Matthew Kory, 9-7
10. Matthew Mariam, 8-8
10. William Denton, 8-8
10. Zack Klein, 8-8
13. George Smith, 7-9
This week marks an impressive milestone here at MFSAFP(p!)!: the 100 win barrier. We have two players who have reached or exceeded that mark, so congratulations to you bastards as well. Heres how we're stacking up after 11 hot wet weeks of hot wet NFL guessing action:
1. Joey Bansen, 101-59
2. Sandy Kory, 100-60
3. Jon Stover, 98-62
4. Zack Klein, 97-63
5. Matthew Kory, 96-64
5. Joshu Shih, 96-64
7. Matthew Mariam, 95-65
7. Scott Rozsa, 95-65
9. Karl Vaillancourt, 93-67
10. Andy Harris, 92-68
11. George Smith, 91-69
12. William Denton, 88-72
13. Dave Labowitz, 88-72
Remember, this week (Week 12) starts this Thursday at 12:30pm EST. I'll post the matchups soon. Don't forget to send in yr picks early this week. As always, good luck!

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