Monday, November 06, 2006


Apropos of nothing

Week 9 is officially in the books, gentlemen, and we've got a little race on our hands. But first, here are the final standings for Week 9:
9-5, Joey "Not again" Bansen
8-6, Matthew "Never again" Kory
8-6, Zack "Don't call me Calvin" Klein
8-6, Scott "Wrong on Iraq, wrong for the pool" Rozsa
7-7, Matthew "Not in Iraq (anymore)" Mariam
7-7, Sandy "Front runner" Kory
7-7, Bill "Not running" Denton
7-7, George "Climbing the ladder" Smith
6-8, Joshu "Falling down the same ladder" Shih
6-8, Dave "Waiting at the bottom" Labowitz
6-8, Andy "Should've flipped a coin" Harris
5-9, Karl "Should flip a couch" Vaillancourt
4-10, Jon "Should flip off" Stover

This brings us to the yearly standings. I might remind you all that, even if you seem hopelessly out of it, we're only half way through the NFL season. All is not lost. Except for Bill Denton. He's done. You can stick a fork in 'im.

In all their glory:
1. Joey Bansen, 82-46
2. Sandy Kory, 81-47
3. Zack Klein, 80-48
4. Matthew Mariam, 78-50
5. Matthew Kory, 77-51
6. Andy Harris, 76-52
Scott Rozsa, 76-52
Jon Stover, 76-52
9. Karl Vaillancourt, 75-53
10. George Smith, 74-54
Joshu Shih, 74-54
12. Bill Denton, 72-56
13. Dave Labowitz, 71-57
I'll post the schedule for Week 10 later today or tomorrow. Have a good week, everyone.

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