Monday, November 20, 2006

WEEK TWELVE: Yoo can doo eet!

Look! A two-headed doggy DJ!

Some important reminders here:
  1. From here on in (with, I think, one exception) there will be games on Thursdays. So, I'll need your picks before game time on Thursday. As always, each week I'll tell you when game time is. This week, the first game is Thursday 12:30pm EST.
  2. For those of you not in the East you should probably send in your picks by the end of the day Wednesday. Either that or be prepared to do so early on Thursday morning.
  3. If someone forgets to send in their picks, or sends them in late, I'll give you the favorites for each game you're late on, but you will not be eligible to win the prize for that week.
As always, heres this week's slate of games:

Thursday, Nov 23 (first game at 12:30pm EST)
Miami at Detroit
Tampa Bay at Dallas
Denver at Kansas City
Sunday, Nov 26
Arizona at Minnesota
Carolina at Washington
Chicago at New England
Cincinnati at Cleveland
Houston at NY Jets
Jacksonville at Buffalo
New Orleans at Atlanta
NY Pooping Your Pants Is The Coolest Giants at Tennessee
Philadelphia at Indianapolis
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
San Francisco at St Louis
Oakland at San Diego
Monday Night
Green Bay at Seattle (plus total points)
Good luck and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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