Monday, November 13, 2006


Looks like hockey season again in DC

Well, Week 10 has come to a close. We're moving down the homestretch people. Week 10 was particularly exciting, as it came down to total points. I didn't hang around last night to watch the crapfest, but I hear tell that Carolina defeated Tampa Bay 24-10. If you read the Week 10 Update, that means that...


Congratulations, George! Everyone here at UPenn is proud of you. For besting everyone in the pool in Week 10 you win a Genuine University of Pennsylvania Ben Franklin statue! Just don't leave it lying around on a bench somewhere or someone could steal it (and then give it away in a ridiculous on-line football pool)!

No, unfortunately, you only win the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) of $52, which means that now a full .000000000027% of your tuition is paid off!

The final standings for Week 10 look like this:
10-6 George
10-6 Sandy
10-6 Matthew K
10-6 Jon
9-7 Joshu
9-7 Joey
9-7 Matthew M
9-7 Zack
9-7 Karl
8-8 Scott
8-8 Dave
8-8 Bill
So the cumulative standings look like this:
1. Sandy 91-54
1. Joey 91-54
3. Zack 89-56
4. Matthew K 87-58
4. Matthew M 87-58
6. Jon 86-59
7. George 84-61
7. Karl 84-61
9. Scott 84-61
10. Joshu 83-62
10. Andy 83-62
12. Bill 80-65
13. Dave 79-66
I'll post Week 11 later today or tomorrow. Also, beginning in Week 12 there will be games on Thursday nights, which means I'll need your picks in by then. I'll remind everyone again, of course, so consider this a heads up.

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