Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 7: Update

Wow, was Week 7 a strange week.  There were crazy comebacks (Cincy versus Atlanta), re-comebacks (Atlanta versus Cincy), and almost comebacks (Min versus GB).  The Redskins and Bears turned the ball over seven times... in the second half.  Oakland threatened to be the first team in a while to score over 70 points, but leading 59-14 after three quarters they called off the dogs.  There were huge upsets (Cleveland over New Orleans?), and almost upsets (Buffalo losing in OT to Baltimore).

But you knew all that already.  How did it impact the pool(poop)?  Well, lemme tell ya like this.

Going into Monday night, we have one person with 11 wins, and two with ten.  Sandy Kory, my brother, has 11 wins, while Robin Wood (in her best showing so far!) and Josh Money have 10.  Sadly for Robin, she picked the same team to win on Monday night - the Giants - that Sandy picked, so she can't make up the necessary game and therefore can't win this week. 

Josh went with the Cowboys however so should Dallas win Josh and Sandy will be tied.  If that happens, it'll come down to Monday Night Points (MNP!)!

In that case, Josh is in luck this week, because my brother, being a funny guy an idiot, picked 87 total points!  Ha Ha!  Hilarious!  If you find fucking yourself out of $70 is hilarious.*

*For the record, fucking yourself out of $70 is hilarious.

Josh picked 50 points, but it doesn't really matter.  If the Giants win Sandy will have 12 wins and will be crowned this week's big wiener despite actually being a moron.  If Dallas wins and the total score is 86 or under, Josh Money will have successfully defended his crown.  Just to be clear, if Dallas wins 48-28, Josh will win the pool and my brother will win a swift kick to the groinal region.

Best of luck to you both!

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