Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 5: Results: Now With Swearing!

Ah, the fickle tastes of Monday Night Points. 

You may recall from last night's hilarious update Week 5 had come down to a four person race.  Alex Mena and Gedeon Mariam both had 8 wins and had hitched their proverbial horse to Minnesota on Monday Night.  Matthew Mariam and I both had 7 wins and New York.  If New York won, it was a four way tie, if Minnesota won, it was a two way tie.

As you know by now New York won.  Meaning it came down to a four way tie, so we'd need Monday Night Points!  A quick recap:

If the total points scored is 53 or greater, Gedeon wins. If its 52 on the nose, Alex wins. If its between 45 and 51, Matthew wins. If its 44 or less, I win.

The final score was 29-20 for a total of 49 points meaning Matthew Mariam is this week's winner!  Congratulations to (IF FAVRE DOESN'T THROW THAT LAST DAMN PICK-6 WITH A MINUTE REMAINING THE SCORE TOTALS 42 AND I WIN THE DAMN POOL FUCK BRETT FAVRE FUCK HIM FUCK HIM FUCK HIM AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! [INJURES WRIST HITTING SELF IN HEAD]) Matthew Mariam who is a worthy winner!  Good show, Matthew. 

Yes, Matthew, a hearty Well Done! this week.  And, for your fantastic efforts, you win this week's special prize!  An autographed photo of Brett Favre!  That I have shat on!  Enjoy! 

Before we go through the final standings, you should all know that it was a tough week all around.  So don't feel too badly when you see how you did.  When the pool is won by a someone with only eight games, well, you know it was a brutal week.  

We had several games that were almost impossible to call.  Only one person correctly picked Oakland over San Diego (ME ME ME!!) and only one person got Tampa beating Cincinnati (Gedeon Mariam).  Nobody picked New Orleans to lose to Arizona, and considering the repeatedly fluky luck involved, we should be congratulating ourselves for getting that one wrong.  If they play that game again twenty times, New Orleans wins it every time. 

The real deciders, so to speak, this week were Washington beating Green Bay (54% correct), Chicago beating Carolina (38% correct) and the New York "Workers Paradise" Giants absolutely crushing Houston (15%). 

Also, as a Redskins fan, it is my sworn duty to let you know the Cowboys lost and are 1-3.  

The final standings for Week 5 are as follows:

1. Matthew Mariam ... 8-6
1. Matthew Kory ... 8-6
1. Gedeon Mariam ... 8-6
1. Alex Mena ... 8-6
5. Jon Stover .. 7-7
5. Bill Denton ... 7-7
7. George Smith ... 6-8
7. Dave Labowitz ... 6-8
7. Robin Wood ... 6-8
7. Sandy Kory ... 6-8
7. Josh Money ... 6-8
7. Karl Vaillancourt ... 6-8
7. John Weaver ... 6-8
14. Zack Klein ... 5-9
15. Joey Bansen ... 4-10

We've got a new leader this week in the overall standings.  Well, not new new, but he's all by his lonesome for the first time, and that's Zack Klein.  John Weaver fell a game behind Zack while Alex Mena climbed into a second place tie. After that, things get murkier. 

1. Zack Klein ... 48-28
2. Alex Mena ... 47-29
2. John Weaver ... 47-29
4. George Smith ... 44-32
4. Matthew Kory ... 44-32
4. Bill Denton ... 44-32
4. Jon Stover ... 44-32
4. Josh Money ... 44-32
9. Matthew Mariam ... 43-33
10. Dave Labowitz ... 42-34
10. Gedeon Mariam ... 42-34
10. Sandy Kory ... 42-34
13. Karl Vaillancourt ... 41-35
14. Joey Bansen ... 39-39
15. Robin Wood ... 38-40

Week 6 Schedule to come.  Congrats again to Matthew Mariam, whom I'd like to formally invite to take a long walk off my newly painted short pier, preferably with some new and highly fashionable cement shoes.  I'll even spring for your pair! 

Have a great week everyone!*

*Except Matt.

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