Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 6: Update

I'm not a Peyton Manning hater.  Some people are, but I'm not.  I mean, he's just an incredible quarterback.  And as a Redskins fan I get abused by him so infrequently that I can actually appreciate him.  That said, with the clock stopped, a minute left in the game which is effectively over, and everyone knowing you're going to run the dam ball, do you have to do the stupid ass leg pump four times then run around in circles pointing at invisible animals? 

Week 6!  Here after known as The Week I Didn't Do Very Well In!  Which, as you'll notice, does not distinguish it from four of the previous five weeks!  

Fifteen entered, but only three remain.  Yes, Week 6 has come down to three people.  Matthew Mariam and Josh "I'm the" Money both have 10 wins and Tennessee for the Monday nighter.  The ever pesky John Weaver has 9 wins and inexplicably picked Jacksonville.  (Seriously, you know they blow, right John?) If Jacksonville wins John, Matthew, and Josh will all have 10 wins.  If Tennessee wins, Josh and Matthew will be on top the totem pole with 11 wins each.  Here's how it breaks down.

If Jacksonville wins...
It'll come down to Monday Night Points!  Josh picked 37, John picked 42 and Matthew picked *drum roll* 43.  Meaning, John's F'd .  If the total score is between 0 and 41, Josh wins.  If it's 42 on the nose John wins, and if its 43 or over Matthew wins. 

If Tennessee wins...
It'll come down to Monday Night Points!  If the total score is between 0 and 42 Josh will win.  If its 43 or greater Matthew will win. 

That's it from the republic of Portland.  Good luck to all involved.  Stay tuned for the Weekly Report which'll happen tomorrow night if I can sleep this one off.