Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Week 4: Results

My, does time fly.  Seems like just yesterday I was pooping in my diapers and today, well, I'm pooping right in my pants.  Things sure do change fast, don't they?

One thing that doesn't change, apparently, is me not winning.  I felt pretty good about my picks this week, but like the other three weeks this year, I wasn't nearly good enough.  Nope.  Jon Stover, and Zack Klein both pulled down eleven wins.  Karl Vaillancourt made a valiant attempt to join the eleven win club, but Miami fell short by about 30 points - doh!  Nice try anyway, Karl.

So it came down to Jon Stover versus Zack Klein.  One thing I discovered while writing this post is you can't make a good anagram out of either of Jon Stover's or Zack Klein's names unless you include their middle names which are "Goatsmilk" and Framboise, respectively.

The Monday Night game totaled 55 points.  Zack guessed 19 but Jon out-guessed him by choosing 43. So by virtue of the fact that Jon was closer to the actual total, which is the point in the first place, Jon Stover is this week's big wiener!

A hearty congratulations goes out to Jonananananathan Goatsmilk Stovererer, IV!  That sentence is even funnier if you try to read it out loud.  Anyway.  But, before we get ourselves all worked up, ya know what?  Normally Jon would win a flaming set of matching toads, or an almanac from 1832 with penises drawn in sharpie on every page, but this week I'm not even going to make something up for Jon to win.  You know why?  Ol' Goatsmilk bought a monthly pass on Jet Blue Airlines - he could fly anywhere in the country he wanted - and he went just about everywhere EXCEPT Portland, Oregon.  Know who lives in Portland, Oregon?  Nobody apparently, except yours truly.  So, Goatsmilk, you win the damn WSP of $70, alright?  Get off my back.  Also, I hereby deputize George Smith (of the 38-24 Smiths) to boot your nads right good.  Enjoy.  And congratulations.  

Here are the final standings for Week 4:

1. Jon Stover ... 11-3
1. Zack Klein ... 11-3
3. Sandy Kory ... 10-4
4. Josh Money ... 9-5
4. Matthew Kory ... 9-5
4. Alex Mena ... 9-5
4. Karl Vaillancourt ... 9-5
8. John Weaver ... 8-6
8. Matthew Mariam ... 8-6
8. Dave Labowitz ... 8-6
8. George Smith ... 8-6
8. Bill Denton ... 8-6
13. Robin Wood ... 7-7
13. Gedeon Mariam ... 7-7
15. Joey Bansen ... 6-8

Just for fun I took a quick look at how we as a whole did the best on all the games.  Here's how we did in chart form:

As you can see, everybody guessed New Orleans, Green Bay, Atlanta, and Houston would win.  Nobody guessed Indianapolis would lose to Jacksonville.  Only four people picked Washington over Philadelphia, Denver over Tennessee, Cleveland over Cincinnati, and the Bears over the Giants.  Only one person picked Buffalo to beat the Jets (they got crushed) and only one person picked Arizona to beat San Diego (they got crushed). 

As for the Current Overall Standings (COS), we had a flip-flop at the very top with Zack Klein jumping ahead of John Weaver.  We're also seeing a fair bit of stratification already as Zack has a two game lead over the field and an eleven game lead over fifteenth place.  Also of note, I am tied with Dave Labowitz.  In case you were wondering, that is an insult.

1. Zack Klein ... 43-19
2. John Weaver ... 41-21
3. Alex Mena ... 39-23
4. Josh Money ... 38-24
4. George Smith ... 38-24
6. Bill Denton ... 37-25
6. Jon Stover ... 37-25
8. Sandy Kory ... 36-26
8. Matthew Kory ... 36-26
8. Dave Labowitz ... 36-26
11. Joey Bansen ... 35-27
11. Karl Vaillancourt ... 35-27
11. Matthew Mariam ... 35-27
14. Gedeon Mariam ... 34-28
15. Robin Wood ... 32-30

The schedule for Week 5 will be posted shortly.  Congrats again to Goatsmilk Stover.  Hope them balls ain't too sore after Dr. Smith gets a'hold of 'em.

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