Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 5: Update

I am an idiot, but we'll cover that in a second. 

For now, Week 5 is a four person race.  The pack is led by Gedeon Mariam and Alex Mena, both with 8 wins, both of who have picked Minnesota to beat the Jets on Monday night.  That, my friends, is called an opening. 

Three people trail Gedeon and Alex by a game.  Jon Stover, Matthew Mariam, and yours truly - pause for shock - all have 7 wins so far and are thus a single game behind the leaders.  But, because Jon picked Minnesota as Gedeon and Alex did, he can't gain the necessary game on them.  So, sadly, he can't win the week.  So sorry, Jon. 

Contrary to Jon, Matthew and I both picked the Jets to beat Minnesota.  If that happens, there will be a four way tie between Alex, Gedeon, myself, and Matthew.  If it doesn't, the tie will be two way between Gedeon and Alex.

So here's the breakdown:

If Minnesota wins...

Gedeon and Alex will be tied with 9 wins so it'll come down to Monday Night Points!  Gedeon picked 53 total points and Alex picked 52 so if the score is 53 totals or greater Gedeon wins.  If it totals 52 or less, Alex wins. 

If New York wins...

Gedeon and Alex's 8 win party will be joined by Matthew and I.  Matthew picked 45 points and I picked 36.  So if the total points scored is 53 or greater, Gedeon wins.  If its 52 on the nose, Alex wins.  If its between 45 and 51, Matthew wins.  If its 44 or less, I win.  Go me. 

Oh, and why am I an idiot?  Well, let this be a lesson to all you kids out there.  When submitting your picks, make sure you've entered a pick for each game.  Not entering a pick for each game is like picking Buffalo to win - you may as well just not bother. 

If you check my picks for the week (I submit my picks before the first game into the comments section of each week's schedule post) I foolishly neglected to choose a winner between Denver and Baltimore.  I didn't chose either team, and so, in the words of a great American, I gets none. 

I'll tell you right now, there's no way in hell I'd have chosen Denver, and I'd have told you that before the game and after the game regardless of who won.  Doesn't matter.  Not good enough.  No game was submitted (and still isn't) and so I don't get credit.  Meaning I could easily have had 8 games won, and be in a position where my Monday Night pick winning would mean I won the pool.  But no.  I'm an idiot. 



BMFS said...


(Feels good to say that. Even if it makes the cat run away.)

((Yes, you have to say it out loud.))

Dave Labz said...

I have 5 games right going into tonight... Who's the idiot?