Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yet another week is in the books (mostly). However, unlike last weeks, we don't need the next two games (I wrote this before NY beat Philly) to help determine this week's winner. Nope, and unfortunately, just like the previous three weeks, the winner wasn't yours truly.

Also, much like two of the previous three weeks, the winner is Dave Labowitz.

Yes, Dave wins. Again.

Yeah, I'm getting pretty sick of it too, but what can you do? He is smoking us all most righteously.

Dave, don't read the following:
(I've got an idea! Lets all make a pact, people-who-aren't-Dave: lets do everything we can to prevent Dave from winning next week! We'll all meet at the Old Schoolhouse just after midnight to discuss ideas. Bring cookies and milk, and whatever you do, don't tell Dave!)

OK, Dave, you can read now. I'll post the full results and year-to-date standings after tomorrow's Monday Night game. In the meantime, congrats to Dave (again) and see the rest of you at the secret place *wink*!

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