Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The Redskins just defeated the Eagles (WHOOHOO!!) in a result that few of us saw coming. That marks the end for Week 2, folks. The final score of said game was Washington 20, Philadelphia 12, which means that this week's winner is...

Not me!

Less importantly, the winner is...

Molly Mulder!

...who nailed the number of points exactly! There should be some sort of bonus for that. Fortunately, there isn't. Congratulations, Molly. This week's prize is an official Andy Reid autographed Big Mac wrapper!

No, sadly you win the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP) of $56, which will be shipped, postage paid and signed by me, to your preferred place of residence. Now, I know you'll want to frame the check and look at it longingly as you pass down the hallway towards the bathroom (poop!), but really, you should just cash it. In all likelihood you'll be winning again next week.

The final standings for week 2 were as follows:

1. Molly 11-5
1. Bill
1. Matt K.
4. Sandy 10-6
4. Scott
4. Joshu
7. George 9-7
7. Jon
7. Zack
7. Matthew M.
7. Dave
12. Josh 8-8
13. Joey 7-9
13. Tyler

The Overall Standings through Week 2 look like this:

1. Sandy, 22-10
1. Matthew M.
1. Dave
1. Zack
1. Scott
1. Matt K.
7. George, 21-11
7. Jon
9. Joshu, 20-12
9. Joey
9. Molly
12. Bill, 19-13
12. Josh
12. Tyler

Thats right. A six-way tie for first place and only a mere three games separating first place from last. This is some good competition, peeps.

Two housekeeping notes, if I may:

1) I have decided to alter the winnings slightly. Previously I was going to have 20% of the pool go to the 1st place winner, while the 2nd place winner would receive 12%. After looking at the numbers, I'd rather give that extra 2% to the first place winner instead. If anyone objects to me changing it now I will leave it as is. Shoot me an email if you think I shouldn't change it.

2) Thanks to all of you who sent me just the winners in your pick emails. Its easier for me if you keep doing that so I don't have to transcribe each person's picks, and frankly, its easier on you because I'm less likely to screw up the transcription. So, thanks, and keep doing it.

I'll be posting the schedule for Week 3 tomorrow. Good luck!

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