Tuesday, September 11, 2007


[Apologies for the late post. I had a job interview today in another city that took all day.]

That’s it for Week 1, folks. There was lots of exciting football action to ponder, but here at MSAFP(p!)! we’re not as concerned with football action as we are with football results. Big, sweaty, football results.

Normally I post both the weekly results as well as the cumulative year-to-date results. However, since this is Week 1, both are the same (except for Sandy who despite posting a 12-4 record this week is somehow 0-16 on the year. Crazy math! What will it think of next?)

This week we had a four-way tie for first place, so it came down to Monday Night Points. Remember, its the total number of points without going over. Of the four with 13 wins, two came in over, and two came in under. Of the two that were under, Joey Bansen had 30 points, and Dave Labowitz had 36. San Francisco beat Arizona 20-17, so 37 points were scored.

So, despite swearing off MSAFP(p!)! last year, Dave Labowitz is our winner! Congrats to Dave! Dave wins a pint of Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor, Mint Chocolate Chipped Beef and a year’s subscription to Cat Fancy, the official cat magazine of the NFL!

Actually, no. Dave wins the MSAFP(p!)! Weekly Standard Prize (WSP). This year the WSP is the princely sum of $56, or about the cost of a year’s subscription to Cat Fancy! Congrats again to Dave!

Here are the results for Week 1 [edited]:

Rank Name Wins Loses
1. Dave Labowitz 13 - 3
2. Joey Bansen 13 - 3
3. Matthew Mariam 13 - 3
4. Zack Klein 13 - 3
5. Sandy Kory 12 - 4
6. Scott Rozsa 12 - 4
7. George Smith 12 - 4
8. Jon Stover 12 - 4
9. Tyler C. 12 - 4
10. Josh Money 11 - 5
11. Matthew Kory 11 - 5
12. Joshu Shih 10 - 6
13. Molly Mulder 9 - 7
14. Bill Denton 8 - 8

I’ll post the schedule for Week 2 tomorrow (Wednesday) so check back then.

One more note: If everyone could do me a favor and simply send me their winners for Week 2 it would be much easier for me. For example, don’t write out “Team X vs. Team Y, Team X Winner”, simply write “Team X.” Thanks.

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