Monday, September 17, 2007


With only the Monday Night game here in Philadelphia still to go, we have a three way race for the this week's prize. Molly, Bill, and yours truly all have 11 wins on the week. Because everyone in question chose Philadelphia to win (go Skins!!), and nobody with 10 wins picked Washington, the winner of the game is irrelevant to deciding this week's winner.

As so often happens, it will come down to points. I picked 24 points, Molly picked 32 points, and Bill picked 40. The winner is the closest without going over, but if everyone goes over then its just the closest. Heres the breakdown. If the point total is between...
  1. 0 and 31, I shall be the winner
  2. 32-39, Molly will be the winner
  3. 40 or above, Bill will be the winner
Stay tuned to find out who will claim the $56 this week! This week's post will also include the yearly standings as well, so check back tomorrow to see how close you are to first place and the $308 prize!


Also of note, I strive for perfection, but rarely achieve it. Please feel free to email me at and let me know if you feel that I have made a mistake with your picks.

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