Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Piss poor: Blogger isn't letting me upload any hilarious photos for some reason. [edit: and now it is. weird-ass blogger.] Anyway, a most generous how-de-do, gang. Week 2 of the fabulous NFL season is behind us, and that means only one thing: We have a winner!

But before I get into that I'd just like to mention what a massive train-wreck the NFC East has become, and no team moreso than my Washington Redskins. [Kindly see above photo.] But leaving their pee-wee league-ish ineptness aside for a moment, lets just take a quick look at the other three teams in that division if only because it'll make me feel better.

NY Bridezilla Giants (1-1): Apparently their defense is really good, unless you count all those pesky points they allow. Also their quarterback doesn't feel it necessary to, you know, play football, until the fourth quarter rolls around. I smell the over-clutch-icizing of a mediocre quarterback!

Philadelphia Egos (1-1): Their defense looked good for the first seven quarters of the season. Apparently nobody told them we play the full eight up here, gentleman. Also, they just lost possibly their best (known?) defender for the season with about twelve different types of knee strains. Hey, good luck with that.

Dallas Cowgirls (1-1): They have the most immobile object at quarterback since the invention of the object way back in 1612. (God forbid the Redskins blitz, by the way.) Fortunately they make up for this by having a head coach with breasts.

OK, enough of that. On to MFSAFP(p!)! The final standings for week 2 (pending any mistakes that I've made) are as follows:

Zach Klein (14-2)
Bill Denton (13-3)
Joshu Shih (13-3)
Matt Kory (12-4)
George Smith (12-4)
Joey Bansen (11-5)
Dave Labowitz (11-5)
Sandy Kory (11-5)
Jon Stover (11-5)
Andy Harris (10-6)
Scott Rozsa (10-6)
Karl Vaillancourt (10-6)
Matthew Mariam (9-7)

Congratulations, Zach! Your the big weiner this week! You win a 6 month subscription to Cat Fancy, and a set of partially consumed flavored syrups that I stole from IHop! Yeah! Actually, you win the MFSAFP(p!)! standard weekly prize (SWP) of $52. Don't spend it all in one place!

And now, the current yearly standings for MFSAFP(p!)!:

Joey Bansen 22-10
Bill Denton 22-10
Zach Klein 22-10
Matt Kory 22-10
Joshu Shih 22-10
Jon Stover 21-11
Karl Vaillancourt 21-11
Dave Labowitz 20-12
Sandy Kory 20-12
Scott Rozsa 20-12
Andy Harris 19-13
Matthew Mariam 18-14
George Smith 18-14

Thats right, its currently a five-way tie for first, with only a four game swing separating first from thirteenth place. This is one close race gentlemen.

Week 3 begins at 1pm (EST) on Sunday September 24th. Get me your picks by Saturday morning if possible. I'm going to be down in the DC area for the weekend, and I'd like to set everything up before I leave.

Again, congrats to Zach, and good luck to you all this coming week.

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