Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Week 4 is here (finally!) and with it a story more crazy than a Detroit Lions coach driving drunk and nude, more unbelievable than every Cincinnati Bengals player getting arrested for DUI (I'm pretty sure that has actually happened), and more insane than Mike "No, Kittah, thats MY meat helmet!" Martz.

On the off chance that any of you lives on planet Reptor, last night, well, I'll just let Bill "Man-bra" Parcells tell the story: Last night "The Player" took tons of "The Pills" from "The Bottle" and put them in "The Mouth" in attempt to cause "The Death."

Now, there are many many different jokes to be made about this. Sometimes they are even funny (in contrast to the one above). Here are only a small sampling:

1. T.O. is now T.O.D.
2. I didn't know T.O. cared that much about Byron Nelson.
3. There must be a way to blame this on Donovan McNabb.
4. This is T.O.s new and improved way of asking to renegotiate his contract.
5. The pills belonged to Michael Irvin.

Clearly there is much more where this came from, and you can expect more of this each week here at MFSAFP(p!)!.

Anyway, it is actually Week 4, and there are some actual football games to actually play this weekend. I, for one, can't wait:

Arizona at Atlanta
Dallas at Tennessee
Indianapolis at NY Jets
Miami at Houston
Minnesota at Buffalo
New Orleans at Carolina
San Diego at Baltimore
San Francisco at Kansas City
Detroit at St Louis
Cleveland at Oakland
Jacksonville at Washington
New England at Cincinnati
Seattle at Chicago
Green Bay at Philadelphia (+ total points)

The games begin on Sunday, so I'll take your picks up until 1pm EST on Sunday. As always, send your picks to And, in the words of a great American, "Hey Drew, you gonna finish those pills?"

Thank you and good night.

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Matthew Kory said...

My winners for week four:

Kansas City
St Louis
Philadelphia (28 points)