Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 3: Update

It's late and I'm really tired. I'll update this later today with more specific information, but for now, our fearless leader is John Weaver with 11 wins. There are a ton of people (including yours truly) who have 10 wins so far. John has the Skins (Washington to be all technical on you) tonight so if you have a) fewer than ten wins, b) ten wins and the Skins, you're, I'm sorry to say, F'd. If you have 10 wins and Dallas, you can, in theory, catch and tie John. I'll post the specifics here later today. But right now I'm going to pass out.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Shockingly I was leading the pool(poop!) by a game after the early games. Not at all shockingly that lead didn't last. In fact, I was passed by about everyone. But enough about me. Let's talk about someone who actually knows what they're doing. Let's talk some John Weaver.

John Weaver not only has the finest hair you've ever seen -- and I'm not kidding folks, it's f'n exquisite! -- but he is the only person in the pool to manage 11 wins so far this week. Six people did manage 10 wins however, so in contrast to past weeks, we actually have a bit of drama here. As John as a one game lead on the field, if he has the Monday Night game correct then it's a done deal. Nobody can catch him.

John perhaps foolishly put his money down on the Washington Redskins. If somehow the Redskins fail to beat the Cowboys in Dallas, that throws open the doors to the rabble. In this case the rabble is Sandy Kory, Karl Vaillancourt, and Zack Klein.

So, if Dallas wins, it comes down to Monday Night Points (MNP). Recall, if it does come down to MNP the winner will be the genius who gets closest to the total number of points scored without going over (Price Is Right rules). With that as a backdrop, here's the situation:

Sandy 29
Karl 35
Zack 42
John 44

If Dallas wins, and the total number of points scored is
  • between 0 and 34, Sandy Kory wins.
  • between 35 and 41, Karl Vaillancourt wins.
  • either 42 or 43, Zack Klein wins.
  • 44 or more, John Weaver wins.
There. Hope that all makes sense. Good luck to none of you pricks.

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