Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 3: Results

Week 3 is in the books and what a books (?) it is!

Nothing like starting off the weekly results post by not making any damn sense. But when considering the week that was in the NFL, or as Chris Carter would say, the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, maybe it's fitting. The Bills? The Lions? The Eagles? Jeez... who saw that shit coming, right? Well, to be fair and in order, three people, everyone, and Ryan Schultz. Ryan was the only one to pick the New York Coitus Giants. Unfortunately he wasn't so lucky with his other picks, as we shall see.

But, to resume from our Update yesterday, as you will recall, a Redskins win ensured John Weaver's first WSP of 2011. A Dallas win threw open the doors to chaos. We all know chaos is the default setting in life, a fact that many of us ignored by stupidly choosing the Redskins. I'm a founding member of that group, sadly.

Dallas' win meant the week came down to Monday Night Points (MNP) but Dallas' redzone incompetence meant that the score stayed low, a measly 34 points. You'll remember from the update that if the score was between 0 and 34 total points, the winner would be (and is)...

Sandy Kory!

Sandy wins a trip to exotic Prague! An all inclusive stay in beautiful Prague with a 4 star hotel and pre-made reservations at the best restaurants! The only thing is you can't be in Prague at the time of the award... oh... guess what? Drat! Maybe next time my globetrotting brother won't be so cavalier about uh, globetrotting. The good news is that the WSP of $80 comes out to 1,432 Czech Crowns. So, you know, there is that.

Here are the final standings for Week 3 in the Pool(poop!):

1. Sandy Kory ... 11-5
1. Karl Vaillancourt ... 11-5
1. John Weaver ... 11-5
1. Zack Klein ... 11-5
5. Joey Bansen ... 10-6
5. George Smith ... 10-6
5. Gedeon Mariam ... 10-6
5. Josh Money ... 10-6
5. Jon Stover ... 10-6
5. Matthew Mariam ... 10-6
5. Christine Roberts ... 10-6
5. Matthew Kory ... 10-6
13. Dave Labowitz ... 9-7
13. Robin Wood ... 9-7
13. Ryan Schultz ... 9-7
13. Bill Denton ... 9-7
17. Paddy Althoff ... 6-10
18. Adam Roy ... 5-11

I've changed up the way I present The Current Overall Standings (COS) this year. You olde heads may have noticed I've dropped the records and am just going with total wins. It's the same thing, and you get the same sense of where you are in comparison with your other pool(poop!)mates, but it's so much easier on yours truly.

Anyway, here. COS:

1. Karl Vaillancourt ... 39
2. John Weaver ... 36
3. Zack Klein ... 33
3. Dave Labowitz ... 33
5. Ryan Schultz ... 32
5. Matthew Mariam ... 32
7. Robin Wood ... 31
7. Joey Bansen ... 31
9. Jon Stover ... 30
9. George Smith ... 30
9. Josh Money ... 30
12. Sandy Kory ... 29
12. Gedeon Mariam ... 29
12. Paddy Althoff ... 29
12. Bill Denton 29
12. Matthew Kory ... 29
17. Christine Roberts ... 28
18. Adam Roy ... 27

If you can do simple math and your name isn't Karl Vaillancourt then you may notice that your ass is getting kicked by Karl Vaillancourt. He's got a 3 game lead on the field and a six game lead on the money. Which, is insane. Still, we're only there weeks into this baby (that's a gross visual, huh?) so there's still time to climb out of the abyss if your name is (picking one at random) Matthew Kory. Actually, he's fucked.

But if you're anyone else you still have a shot. So don't forget to send in those picks (ADAM!) this week. The schedule will be up shortly. Have a great week everyone.

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Liberator713 said...

Ah, what a year to not be playing your pool, Mattie. Had the Redskins not thrown up in their mouths, I would now be a perfect 48-0!! Alas, I must settle for 47-1. Take that Karl!!! Ha!!