Sunday, September 04, 2011

It's (Yet) Another Season Of MSAFP(p!)!: Your Introduction To The Year

Hey now, gang!

Welcome to another moist and exciting season of NFL football. We almost didn't make it, but now we made it. That's my synopsis of NFL Lockout '10-11, which, when I write it that way, sounds like a video game. Play NFL Lockout '10-11! Play as either the NFL or the NFLPA! Should you de-certify? Should you make inflammatory comments to the NY Times? Does it matter if you waive a gun at some dude in a night club? Play your cards right and you could put the entire NFL players union into indentured servitude! Or get talk the NFL owners into a $50,000,000 minimum salary!

Anyway. There are a few things we should get in writing. First, welcome. Second, I write about poop a lot. Not because I think it's funny but because it is funny. Third, hopefully this pool(poop!) (see?) improves your enjoyment of the NFL season. Second third, I'm not good at counting.

And now, How This Pool(poop!) Works:

I try to keep email to a minimum. As such, this blog will serve as the conduit of all things pool(poop!) related. You can expect stuff to be posted at standard times. In other words, bookmark this page 'cause you'll be back here often.

The weekly schedule:
  • The weekly schedule will appear here on Tuesdays, but sometimes Wednesdays.
  • After Sunday's games I usually put up an update. Check and find out if you're in the running for the money that week and if so what you need to happen on Monday night to win. 
  • After the last game of the week, I put up both the weekly standings and the season-to-date standings. 
  • Then we do the whole damn thing all over again. Yay!
How to send in your picks (PLEASE READ THIS):
  • Email your picks to me before the first game starts. 
  • Email them to [Note: this is a different email address than I've been using to correspond with you so far!]
  • Please send them to me in the order I put them on the website! This will save me tons of time.  Copy and paste the schedule from this site into the body of your email. Then cut out the teams you think will lose, so that when finished you have list of the teams you think will win that week. For example, if I posted a the following:
Washington at NY Giants
Dallas at Philadelphia
Seattle at Jacksonville (plus total points) 

You could send this back to me:

NY Giants

Seattle (45)

As for Monday Night Points [the last game with the points designation is always the Monday night game]:
  • those are used to break a tie. 
  • If two or more people end up tied for first with the same number of games correct, we use Monday Night Points (MNP) as a tiebreaker. 
  • At MFSAFP(p!), we use The Price Is Right rules. For those of you unfamiliar, that means the winner is the one who gets closest to the total without going over. 
  • For example, if you sent 45 points as in the above example and Bob sent in 30 points and the total points scored in that game (all the points scored by both teams together) is 44, Bob would win. You were closer but you went over. If everyone goes over then the rule is the guess closest to the actual number. If it is a tie, we split the prize money.
When to send in your picks:
  • I need all of your picks by the start of the first game of the week, which is usually 1:05 pm EST. 
  • However, we're making an exception for Thursday games. If you want, you may send in your picks in two installments, 1) Your Thursday pick before Thursday's kickoff and 2) the rest of your weekly picks by the start of the next game, be it Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Please title your email in such a way so it contains both your name and the week number. For example: "Dick's Week 1 picks"
I'll post the money breakdown around the first week of the season (i.e. sometime soon) after I find out for sure how many people we have in the pool(poop!).

Hopefully everything is clear, but if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email ( You can also email the pool treasurer, Matthew Mariam, at

Good luck and bring on Week 1!!

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