Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 1: Update 2

What a weird day. First we have the 24 hour remembrance of 9/11 which is fine, I guess, but it sure does take the wind out of your sails. "Lots of people died ten years ago in an awful, painful, horrible mass killing. Are you ready for some football?!?!?" Um, not really, no.

As for our little pool(poop!), we've got a live one here this week. Of the 18 people in the pool(poop!), five of them are still alive for this, our first Weekly Standard Prize (WSP). Here they are in all their flaming glory:

1. Karl Vaillancourt ... 11-3 (47 Monday Night points)

2. John Weaver ... 10-4 (44)

2. Paddy Althoff ... 10-4 (didn't send in his points - rookie mistake.)

2. Adam Roy ... 10-4 (31)

5. Matt Mariam ... 9-5 (39)

As you can see, Karl leads by a game over the pack. However, he picked New England and Oakland to win Monday's games and each of John Weaver, Paddy Althoff, and Adam Roy have New England and Denver. If Denver wins we've got a four way tie for first.

But what about Matt Mariam? Why is he on the list? He's the only moron in the entire pool(poop!) crazy enough to pick Miami over New England. So, if Miami AND Denver win, Matt Mariam will have risen from the depths to tie all four above him and it'll come down to Monday Night Points. (Of course we all know that won't happen, but it might, so I still have to f'n deal with it.)

Here's the breakdown (and remember, folks, Monday Night Points go by Price is Right rules: the one closes to the right answer without going over wins (if everyone goes over it's just the closest)):
  • If Miami wins... Matt Mariam is still in it. 
  • If New England wins Matt Mariam can sit back down on that dildo and wait a week.
  • If Oakland wins... Karl wins the WSP
  • If Denver wins... things get interesting. Keep reading.
  • If Denver wins and Miami wins and the final score is between...
    0-38 - Adam Roy wins
    39-43 - Matt Mariam wins
    44-46 - John Weaver wins
    47-above Karl Vaillancourt wins
  • If Denver wins and New England wins and the final score is between...
    0-43 - Adam Roy wins
    44-46 - John Weaver wins
    47-above Karl Vaillancourt wins

So I'm sure that's totally clear. I'll be back with the results late Monday evening or Tuesday morning depending on how drunk I get. 

Oh yeah, Paddy, sorry bud, but you didn't send me your Monday Night Points so unless you finish a game up on the field (which ain't happening for you this week) you can't win. Gotta send in those points.

Good luck to all you bastards. Except Matt Mariam. Miami? Are you fucking serious?

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