Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 2: Results

Wow, am I bad at this. So so so bad. I thought it was a tough week, then I looked at just about everyone else's picks. Nope, not really that hard. Special thanks to Christine and my brother for not sending in his picks.  Maybe I'll back into one one of these weeks.

Actually, this gives me a good opportunity to talk about not sending in your picks. It happens people. I mean, I like to believe that you all live, breath, sleep, eat, shit, eat that shit, and sleep again the pool(poop!), but I know that sometimes sending in your picks just falls through the cracks. Maybe your parents were killed in a helicopter accident. Maybe flesh-eating locusts devoured your brother. Maybe your legs were caught in a bear trap. Multiple bear traps actually. And you had to gnaw them off at the ankles. Who am I to judge? We all face hardships in life and sometimes the pool(poop!) is secondary. Reminds me, sorry about your legs Sandy!

So when that happens I don't want it to destroy your season here in the pool(poop!). It's in everyone's interest to have fun with this and it's more fun when you're in contention. Back in the old days when I used to send weekly schedules by mastodon, I gave people all the home teams, or the favorites. But then we encountered situations wherein people who didn't send in their picks got better records than people who did. And that can't stand. So what I do now is take the worst record that anyone has that week and then subtract a game. This week Christine finished 9-7, ergo Sandy gets 8-8. It sucks, and it's tough to dig yourself out from, but it won't necessarily destroy your season.

Well, actually, if Karl Vaillancourt keeps picking like this, we're all F'd anyway, so the whole policy doesn't much matter. Krazy Karl, as I've taken to calling him -- and by "taken to calling him" I mean "just started calling him" (if you think that's bad wait till you see what I call him after he wins again next week) -- isn't perfect on the year. But he's damn close. Out of 32 games, Krazy Karl has 28 of 'em right. I couldn't get that many correct if you gave me the answers beforehand.

So without further ado (poo!), here's how things ended up in Week 2:

1. Karl Vaillancourt ... 15-1
2. John Weaver ... 14-2
2. Dave Labowitz ... 14-2
4. Matthew Mariam ... 13-3
5. Robin Wood ... 12-4
5. Jon Stover ... 12-4
5. Joey Bansen ... 12-4
5. Zack Klein ... 12-4
5. George Smith ... 12-4
5. Paddy Althoff ... 12-4
5. Josh Money ... 12-4
12. Gedeon Mariam ... 11-5
12. Adam Roy ... 11-5
14. Bill Denton ... 10-6
14. Christine Roberts ... 10-6
14. Matthew Kory ... 10-6
17. Ryan Schultz ... 9-7
18. Sandy Kory ... 8-8

That's right, John Weaver went 14-2 and didn't even make it to Monday Night Points. Jeez... All of which means, Karl Vaillancourt is this week's Big Weiner! For his exemplary efforts, Karl wins a DVD, Souffle the Manning Way: Baking with Eli. We're all looking forward that cheese and mushroom recipe, Karl! No, sadly, Karl only wins the Weekly Standard Prize (WSP). Again (again).

Which reminds me: you'll never guess who is in first place over all. I'll give you negative four guesses! Wrong! It's Karl Vaillancourt who will be, if we all aren't careful, able to put a down payment on a house in sixteen weeks. Here are the Current Overall Standings (COS) through Week 2:

Current Overall Standings (COS)

1. Karl Vaillancourt ... 28 wins
2. John Weaver ... 25
3. Dave Labowitz ... 24
4. Ryan Schultz ... 23
4. Paddy Althoff ... 23
6. Adam Roy ... 22
6. Matthew Mariam ... 22
6. Robin Wood ... 22
6. Zack Klein ... 22
10. Joey Bansen ... 21
11. Bill Denton ... 20
11. Jon Stover ... 20
11. Josh Money ... 20
11. George Smith ... 20
15. Gedeon Mariam ... 19
15. Matthew Kory ... 19
17. Christine Roberts ... 18
17. Sandy Kory ... 18

I'll have the schedule for Week 3 up shortly. Congrats again to Krazy Karl Vaillancourt. Oh! And Karl, if you hear a rustling in your bushes any night this week, it's Dave Labowitz. Put some beer in a saucer, put it on the front stoop, and lock all your doors and windows.

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