Thursday, December 31, 2009

Week 16: Update & Results (Oops)

[if you are looking for the Week 17 Schedule, you can access it here, or by scrolling down a post]

Apologies for posting this so late in the week. My excuse is its been a crazy week full of travel, babies, family, crying, friends, more babies, more family, some food, and, of course, poop. But its been fun.

But enough about me. To the pool(poop!)!

Last week was about as close as a week can get. Everyone was within three games of the top spot, and five of you tied for the lead. John Weaver, Zack Klein, Jon Stover, Dave Labowitz, and Karl Vaillancourt all led the week with 10 wins. So it came down to Monday Night Points! Yet again! Yay.

It was a NFC Central slug-match in the December cold, and everyone appropriately picked low MNP totals to match. However, things don't always go to plan, and the teams totaled 66 freakin points. Nobody came anywhere near going over. Dave, Stover and Karl all guessed in the 30s. Not unreasonable, but still, YOUGETSNONE! Zack Klein picked 43 MNP, but that was bested by the ever cleaver John Weaver, who guessed 44 MNP.

So, your Week 16 winner is... JOHN WEAVER!!! Congratulations to John for winning his second week this season. Unlike last time, John just wins the Weekly Standard Prize of $70. I'm guessing John uses it to help pay down the national debt. Because he's just that kind of guy.

Here are the final standings for Week 16:

1. John Weaver ... 10-6
1. Zack Klein ... 10-6
1. Jon Stover ... 10-6
1. Dave Labowitz ... 10-6
1. Karl Vaillancourt ... 10-6
6. Gedeon Mariam ... 9-7
6. Matthew Mariam ... 9-7
6. Adam Roy ... 9-7
6. Josh Money ... 9-7
6. Matthew Kory ... 9-7
11. Alex Mena ... 8-8
11. George Smith ... 8-8
13. Dan Sinclair ... 7-9
13. Sandy Kory ...7-9
13. Bill Denton ... 7-9
13. Joey Bansen ... 7-9

You may notice the presence of Bill Denton and Joey Bansen at the bottom of the weekly standings there. Week 16 is a tough time to finish last in the standings. Bill is still in it, but Joey is done. Sorry, Joey.

Your leader after 16 weeks of moist football-oriented action is Dave "Dollars" Labowitz. Magically, Dave has managed first place over all without winning any weeks this season so far. That's just hard to do. Or maybe Dave just sucks at Monday Night Points. Riding shotgun is Jon Stover, a game back of Dave. Jon is a Bills fan, so I'm fully expecting him to totally tank this coming week and finish 8th. After leading the pool by a wide margin through the first few weeks, Gedeon Mariam fell off a bit, but he's recovered enough to put himself in the money and within striking distance a game back of Jon and two behind Dave.

The real loser last week was Bill Denton who went from tied for first place to fourth, three games behind Dave. Bill's going to be throwing some serious turds at the wall this week hoping to climb back into the money, so if anyone lives within turd throwing distance of Dallas, Texas, I recommend you duck.

After Bill, it's going to take a ridiculous collapse of unprecedented proportions for anyone to get into the money slots (first, second, or third). Joey Bansen has the best shot at it, but he's four games back of Gedeon and he has to jump over Bill to get there. Good luck, Joey, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Other than that, the only race left is the race for last place. After sixteen weeks, my brother (Sandy) and I are locked in the Pool(poop!) version of the old East German licking matches. For those of you unfamiliar, behind the wall in the 70's boxing gloves were hard to come by. So East Germans made up the Licking Match where two people would enter the ring, usually a dirt floor surrounded by old sausage casings, and would proceed to lick each other until one of them threw up. The first one to barf lost.

My brother and I are in last place with 138 wins, a total the top of the pool(poop) reached four weeks ago. It comes down to this week. Will I pick the Browns and Lions to win? Will my brother ensure losing by forgetting to send in his picks? Stay tuned!

Here are your Current Overall Standings (COS) through Week 16:

1. Dave Labowitz ... 166-74
2. Jon Stover ... 165-75
3. Gedeon Mariam ... 164-76
4. Bill Denton ... 163-77
5. Joey Bansen ... 160-80
6. Josh Money ... 159-81
6. Adam Roy ... 159-81
8. Matthew Mariam ... 157-83
9. Karl Vaillancourt ... 156-84
9. John Weaver ... 156-84
11. George Smith ... 153-87
12. Dan Sinclair ... 151-89
12. Zack Klein ... 151-89
14. Alex Mena 150-90
15. Sandy Kory ... 138-102
15. Matthew Kory ... 138-102

Just one more week to go! Happy Holidays, everyone, from us here at the Pool(poop!)!

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