Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 15: Update

Well, my little chickadees, we collectively sucked a fat hog this week. Everyone is either 9-6, 8-7, or 7-8. The six tied at the semi-pitiful record of 9-6 are - obviously - the ones in the running for the WSP. Here's the list with who they picked for tonight's game, followed by all the MNP machinations:

Alex Mena (REDSKINS!!!!!!)
Jon Stover (giants)
Dave Labowitz (giants)
Josh Money (giants)
Zack Klein (REDSKINS!!!!!!!)
Gedeon Mariam (giants)

If the giants win and the total score is...:

...between 0 and 39, Josh Money wins.
... either 40 or 41 then Jon Stover and Dave Labowitz split the WSP.
... 42 or higher, Gedeon Mariam wins.

If the REDSKINS!!!!!!! win and the total score is...:

...between 0-43, Alex Mena wins.
... 44 or greater, Zack Klein wins.

Best of luck to everyone. I'll be back tomorrow with the results, and the schedule for Week 16. It seems we're done with Thursday games. Instead, we've got a Friday night game this week, so I'll need your picks by Christmas day, Friday, December 25th at 7:30pm EST.

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Adam said...

So how 'bout them 'skins....back to their winning ways as soon as I pick them...f'ers