Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week 15: Results

Two weeks go to and we've got some action at the top, folks. But first I'd like to take a moment to congratulate the Washington Redskins for engendering the most exclamations from national football announcers that I've ever heard in my 30 years following football. Mike "Bring that ass over here" Tirico actually said "Wow." on several occasions, Jon Gruden repeatedly said how amazed he was at how completely dominated the Redskins were, and telestrater extraordinaire Ron Jaworski said "perfectly executed" so many times I think he may have pulled a vocal cord. I'll add to Tirico's count and say, wow, what a pooptastic performance.

But I'm not here to bury the Redskins. No, they did that themselves about six weeks ago. [Ba-Da-BOOM!] Sank yoo, I vill be heer all zee veek.

Lets get right to the Week 15 action. When last we left them, there was a six thousand way tie for first place. Fortunately, five thousand nine hundred ninety six picked Washington last night (actually two), so it came down to just four people.

Those four were Jon Stover, Josh Money, Dave Labowitz, and Gedeon Mariam. Josh picked 36 Monday Night Points, Stover and Labowitz both picked 40, and Gedeon out-foxed them all by picking 42. The final score was Eleventy Boobtillion to negative 6, so, since Gedeon was the high man on the totem pole, he wins!

Congratulations, Gedeon! You win a year-long pass to see Robert Downey, Jr. kill Sir Arthur Conan Doyle all over again by kicking more ass in the new Sherlock Holmes! That's right, Downey essentially digs Sir Arthur back up again and poops right on his face! And you can see it as many times as you like! Yay!

No, actually you win more money than you can shake 69 sticks at. Unless it comes in check form (it does), in which case, you win the Weekly Standard Prize of $70.

Here are the final standings for Week 15:

1. Gedeon Mariam ... 10-6
1. Dave Labowitz ... 10-6
1. Jon Stover ... 10-6
1. Josh Money ... 10-6
5. Zack Klein ... 9-7
5. George Smith ... 9-7
5. Alex Mena ... 9-7
5. Bill Denton ... 9-7
5. Joey Bansen ... 9-7
10. Dan Sinclair ... 8-8
10. Matthew Kory ... 8-8
10. Sandy Kory ... 8-8
10. Matthew Mariam ... 8-8
10. Adam Roy ... 8-8
15. Karl Vaillancourt ... 7-9
15. John Weaver ... 7-9

Week 15 pushed Joey Bansen back down the standings a bit, so I hope I'm not jumping the gun when I say it looks like the final winners will come out of the pack of current leaders Dave Labowitz and Bill Denton, and the two a game behind them, Gedeon Mariam and Jon Stover. Joey Bansen is three games back, which he could make up in two weeks, but it'll be a tough assignment. After Joey, well, we're all just picking up scraps. Its desperation time, people. I predict 11 people pick Detroit next week.

In other certainly less important news, the hotly contested title for last place is looking like a two man race: me and my brother. I predict he'll forget to send in his picks one of these last two weeks and I'll pass him in the standings.

Here are your Current Overall Standings:

1. Dave Labowitz ... 156-68
1. Bill Denton ... 156-68
3. Gedeon Mariam ... 155-69
3. Jon Stover ... 155-69
5. Joey Bansen ... 153-71
6. Adam Roy ... 150-74
6. Josh Money ... 150-74
8. Matthew Mariam ... 148-76
9. Karl Vaillancourt ... 146-78
9. John Weaver ... 146-78
11. George Smith ... 145-79
12. Dan Sinclair ... 144-80
13. Alex Mena ... 142-82
14. Zack Klein ... 141-83
15. Sandy Kory ... 131-93
16. Matthew Kory ... 129-95

Week 16 Schedule to come. Anyone who is traveling over the holidays may want to just suck it up and send in your picks early.

Congratulations to Gedeon one more time, and Happy holidays to you all.

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