Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Week 13: Results

Its a banner day, folks. In three years of being in this pool, Jon Stover has never, never, never (that's "never") won a WSP. OK, yes, he did split one with Matthew Mariam in Week 8, but that's as far as he's got. Well dry your teams, Jon, because you're this week's big wiener!

With Green Bay's win last night, Jon Stover wins this week outright. No wussy MNP for him. He did it the old fashioned way: he beat up a senior citizen, stole it, then ran away.

Congrats, Jon. I believe you're only down $4,308.17 now. Good luck winning that all back.

Here are the final standings for Week 13:

1. Jon Stover ... 13-3
2. Alex Mena ... 12-4
2. Josh Money ... 12-4
4. Adam Roy ... 11-5
4. Joey Bansen ... 11-5
4. Karl Vaillancourt ... 11-5
7. George Smith ... 10-6
7. Bill Denton ... 10-6
7. Sandy Kory ... 10-6
7. Dave Labowitz ... 10-6
7. Gedeon Mariam ... 10-6
12. Dan Sinclair ... 9-7
12. Matthew Mariam ... 9-7
14. John Weaver ... 8-8
15. Zack Klein ... 7-9
16. Matthew Kory ... 6-10

We've got four more weeks, folks, and we've got some turnover at the top. But before we get to that, it has been brought to my attention that I haven't been clear about how the prize money will be distributed in the case of a tie for either first, second, or third in the final standings. I'm going to put a post up about that after the schedule for Week 14 is posted, so sometime within the next few days. Please refer to that if you have any questions, and as always, feel free to email me if things aren't clear. (It may be slightly technical, so feel free to ignore it if you like.)

Back to the pool(poop!)! So, where was I? Ah! Turn over at the top. You may recall that the top of last week's standings looked like this:

Standings after Week 12 (!not current!):

1. Joey Bansen ... 124
2. Dave Labowitz ... 123
2. Jon Stover ... 123
2. Bill Denton ... 123
2. Gedeon Mariam ... 123
6. John Weaver ... 121

Well, things have changed since then. Were things were muddled, now we have clarity. Where things were tied, now we have... uh... untied. (I was an English major!)

For the first time in a while we've got a clear #1 and #2. After that there is a race for third place between three people. And after that, well, Adam Roy is making a serious charge over these last few weeks. Something could come of it if he keeps it up, but it's gonna be tough. Josh Money is in the running as much as Adam, but both of them are 7 games back. Poor John Weaver has dropped from three games back to seven games back. (Ouch!) So he's in the same boat as Josh and Adam.

Here's the craziness (a.k.a the Current Overall Standings (COS)):

1. Jon Stover ... 136
2. Joey Bansen ... 135
3. Bill Denton ... 133
3. Gedeon Mariam ... 133
3. Dave Labowitz ... 133
6. Adam Roy ... 129
6. Josh Money ... 129
6. John Weaver ... 129
9. Karl Vaillancourt ... 127
9. Matthew Mariam ... 127
11. Dan Sinclair ... 125
12. George Smith ... 124
13. Zack Klein ... 122
14. Alex Mena ... 121
15. Sandy Kory ... 112
16. Matthew Kory ... 111

The schedule for Week 14 to come (again, another irritating Thursday night game, so I'll need your picks before then), along with the explanation of ties in the final standings.

Have a great week everyone, and congratulations to Jon.

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